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How an automated tech solution can save you time and money

Posted by admin on March 1, 2022 · Case Studies

The latest figures and statistics of Airbnb – announced by Brian Chesky CEO – show around 6 million active host listings in Q4 of 2021. This is a high testament to the popularity of the vacation rental industry and the sought-after homes that travellers are seeking.

The number of users far outweighs the number of hosts on Airbnb, with a staggering 150 million people booking vacation stays or experiences.

That’s just Airbnb alone!

What about all the other online travel platforms: hotelier boutiques, last-minute booking platforms, direct bookers, and independent vacation rental property management companies?

The industry is inundated with guests, but how do you know you can trust every single guest without spending a fortune in time and money?

magnifying glass inspecting a guest

Automated tech solutions

Wow, not only does that sound intimidating but what does it actually mean for your business? Let’s break it down.

Through advanced guest screening that is implemented into your booking journey (this is your automated tech) and the introduction of a $5,000,000 Host Guarantee (this is your solution) you can trust your property is safe, with the reassurance that if something does go wrong, you have a backup plan in place.

Sounds expensive, right? With SUPERHOG, it’s not!

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Don’t believe us? Find out from SkyRun Lake Geneva just how affordable and easy-to-use SUPERHOG is for them and how it can work for you.

SkyRun Lake Geneva X SUPERHOG

SkyRun Lake Geneva is a vacation rental management company offering property management services to a portfolio of properties including condos, cabins, townhomes, and single-family homes. All of which cater to a large variety of guests: whether they’re seeking a quiet getaway or a luxury resort-style retreat.

SkyRun Lake Geneva is now in its second year of business, after starting out in January 2021 – which is no mean feat in an industry that is constantly evolving, even more so, when the world is battling the pandemic!

After concluding early on in their vacation rental journey that a more efficient process was needed, the benefits of an automated tech solution – that could be suited to their needs – was the way to go.

Elizabeth Donn

“Before reaching out to SUPERHOG, our process was very much focused on utilizing the guest verification that was only available via Airbnb or VRBO. We realized quickly that this just wasn’t enough. This led us to ask each booking their group size, names/ages of guests, number of vehicles, and direct contact information.

This was as far as we would go (we realize now how little this was!) See, this processing was very manual and time-consuming. Not ideal when you’re trying to run an efficient business within the vacation rental space.

With SUPERHOG, we now trust that when a guest has gone through the SUPERHOG verification process, they are vetted, and the added protection is in place for the owner, host and guest.”


We talk a lot about trust and safety and how fundamental it is for any property manager, host or owner. The handful of providers out there will help your business but, you could end up paying a lot more than you necessarily need to. The worst part is you won’t have the added protection of $5million.

Elizabeth Donn

“Honestly, SkyRun Lake Geneva chose to partner with SUPERHOG because of their competitive pricing.

The amount of embedded insurance provided in the Host guarantee was nothing that we had seen before … $5,000,000!? The fact that SUPERHOG collects on damages, erases chargebacks, and removes the hassle from our plates was another main reason we chose SUPERHOG over the other providers.

And from a reservations perspective, collecting the contact data (email) for our CRM was as valuable as gold for remarketing purposes. SUPERHOG did all of that for us!”

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It does not have to cost you an arm and a leg to choose an automated tech solution that includes advanced guest screening, damage deposit/waiver and a $5million Host Guarantee.

At SUPERHOG, we want to bridge the trust gap in the vacation rental industry between hosts, operators and guests, which is why we have created a quality SaaS product for an affordable price. We’re talking a few dollars per booking (sometimes even a few cents!).

Elizabeth Donn

“We love that the fee for SUPERHOG is so minimal that we can offset this to the Guest through our damage waiver without there being a noticeable difference in our charges!”

The Results

By becoming SUPERHOG members, SkyRun Lake Geneva has the confidence knowing they are managing wiser, better, and safer. They have seen:

  • SUPERHOG deterring ‘bad characters’ (guests who are intent on causing damage) from booking with them
  • A reduction in hosting malicious guests
  • No significant damages
  • Very minor damages, of which have been accidental, reported and immediately paid by guests
  • No more worry of fraudulent chargebacks
  • Time saved from no longer needing to manually verify guests
  • Time and money saved from no longer collecting on damages
Elizabeth Donn

“We absolutely know choosing SUPERHOG was the best and right decision for our business in terms of pricing, service and their guarantee! We’re no longer having to spend time collecting on damages – that are also now not happening – is a clear indication that we are saving ourselves money.”

save time and money with automated guest screening

Most importantly, SkyRun Lake Geneva has found SUPERHOG to be an easy-to-use solution that has taken the weight off vetting guests for such a competitive price.

Elizabeth Donn

“The onboarding process was 15 minutes and effortless to learn, we look forward to SUPERHOG’s future PMS integrations as we know this will save us even more time with reservations.”

SUPERHOG asked SkyRun Lake Geneva to describe us using 1 word. They replied: “Value-Add”

Want to experience the benefits of using SUPERHOG and add value to your property management business?

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