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Get the full picture

SUPERHOG’s intelligence grid draws from information across the short-term rentals ecosystem to give you context you won’t find anywhere else.

Giving you complete clarity on properties, hosts and guests.


Spot red flags fast

SUPERHOG identifies key events, or pieces of missing information, that allow you to make better decisions.

We help you see the full story behind every property or guest allowing you to act effectively and stay on top of the bad actors.


See risk in real time

Proactively excluding the bad actors means staying on top of changes as they happen.

SUPERHOG’s intelligence grid is updated in real-time, giving you access to fresh, actionable insights for each and every booking.


Ditch manual processes

We know you are busy and manual checks are sub-optimal.

SUPERHOG’s easy-to-integrate API and intuitive web app speed up and automate checks, saving you time and hassle.


Ready to transform how you understand the short-term rental market?


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See risks others don’t. Get true clarity on properties, hosts and guests before a booking begins.

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Wave goodbye to manual processes that slow down accepting a booking and leave room for human error.

Stand out

Transform how you’re viewed in the marketplace. Show others you’re a valuable member of the community.


Following a successful verification, we provide guarantees to our members up to £1 million.

Grow your business with the power of trust

Our partnership programme is an opportunity to work with SUPERHOG and grow the industry in the right way.

In return for working with us, we’ll provide you with a global ID verification and screening tool that provides increased credibility and sales.

SUPERHOG provides businesses with a global ID verification and screening tool that will enable you to accelerate growth and drive your business forward by:

Preventing dishonest guests from booking properties.

Avoiding expensive and time-consuming disputes with bad guests or hosts.

Generate a new revenue stream for your business.

Ready to transform how you understand the short-term rental market?