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The No. 1 reason people give for being reluctant about embracing the sharing economy is the issue of trusting a stranger. The obstacle is the same for both hosts and guests – prospective hosts are nervous about allowing a stranger into their home, and potential guests are wary of booking a property from a stranger that may or may not turn out to be what it is purported to be. Remove the problem of trust, and your business, and the industry, can grow unhindered.

SUPERHOG provides businesses with a global ID verification and screening tool that will enable you to accelerate growth and drive your business forward by:

Avoiding expensive and time-consuming disputes with unscrupulous guests or hosts.

Preventing dishonest guests from booking properties.

Utilising a brilliant and unique marketing tool that gives you a competitive advantage by providing your customers (both hosts and guests), with assured confidence in you and your brand.

Generate a new revenue stream for your business.

Our partnership programme is an opportunity to work with SUPERHOG and grow the industry in the right way. In return for working with us, we’ll provide you with a global ID verification and screening tool that provides increased credibility and sales.

We are here to help anyone grow their business, so if you would like our help connecting you with an audience of professional rental operators and for us to actively promote your company please get in touch.

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SUPERHOG provides us with real peace of mind and delivers a high level of service. Being able to demonstrate that the people we work with are verified is really helping the business.”
Paul Beard
“The short-term rental industry is changing rapidly, but the increase in bad actors (both hosts and guests) operating in the space is threatening the whole community. It’s never been more important to demonstrate your credibility in order to be recognised as a key member of the home-sharing community.”
Humphrey Bowles