For Guests

SUPERHOG enables guests to not only use Airbnb and other booking platforms 100% safely, secure in the knowledge they are booking an independently verified property through a verified host or property manager, but it also enables first-timers to get that tricky first booking (because many hosts will not accept bookings from guests with no previous reviews). 

The Solution to Fake Hosts & Properties

As regularly reported in the press, fraudulent hosts create fake listings on platforms like Airbnb and HomeAway, and populate them with phoney positive reviews. Other hosts use misleading photos, causing huge disappointment – it is devastating to book a property, pay for flights and then find the property does not exist or is not as described.

SUPERHOG verifies both the host and an individual property. Booking a SUPERHOG approved property will give you the peace of mind that the listing is genuine.

The Solution to getting your first booking

Most hosts are reluctant to accept a booking from a guest with no reviews or booking history. Because the current ratings and review systems are restricted to single platforms, it can be very hard to get your first booking accepted on a platform.

SUPERHOG MEMBERSHIP will demonstrate that you have been independently verified (through an extremely thorough process) as trustworthy, enabling hosts to accept your booking, even if you don’t have any reviews on that particular platform.

The Benefits of joining SUPERHOG as a guest


  • Free ID verification
  • Property/Host Search
  • £150 damage deposit on all bookings
  • Free GUESTCOVER on your first registered trip
  • One free property verification per month

Positive action

Show commitment to fight the bad characters in the industry.

Successful trips

SUPERHOG verification means only honest hosts and legitimate properties will be available.

Peace of mind

Knowing you're not going to be scammed when making a booking.


The SUPERHOG Guarantee

SUPERHOG offers a booking guarantee for all SUPERHOG members (hosts and guests) when they book with each other. This includes:

  • £1m property damage – accidental and malicious
  • £1m of public liability protection in case your guests have an accident

1 in 10...

Have booked a short-term property that has not existed.


Leave no review rather than give a bad review.

2 in 10...

Have turned up at a property and it is not as advertised.

“I’ve had two different friends who have booked properties that did not exist. It was a nightmare for both of them, so I’ve been really nervous of booking a short-let because it feels like there is no guarantee. SUPERHOG takes that worry away.”

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