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How much do you know about the property you’re booking?


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The best properties

SUPERHOG certifies properties across all booking platforms.

Booking an online property costs real cash, and until you’ve turned up on the day of arrival you will probably always have that niggling doubt. That’s why our certification means what you see is really what you will get.

A back-up plan

SUPERHOG provides all guests with the ultimate home-sharing backup plan.

We’ve checked, double-checked and triple-checked our homes and hosts, but sometimes things just don’t work. That’s why if you’re a SUPERHOG member and things go awry, then we’ll find somewhere else for you to stay.

Free deposit

SUPERHOG backs guests with a free £500 deposit for each and every booking.

As a SUPERHOG member you can say goodbye to credit card holds, pre-authorisations or turning up with a wad of cash. We provide your host with a £500 deposit on your behalf

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  • Guests or Hosts
  • Independently checked and verified
  • Backed by exclusive guarantees

How do you become one

  • Referred by an existing member
  • Referred by a management company
  • You can apply by clicking Get started

What we check

  • Identity documents
  • Previous booking experiences
  • Home-sharing profiles

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We’ll take you through each step of our onboarding process. SUPERHOG is a like-minded community of vetted and trusted guests, hosts and properties.


Check out the properties

Spot fraud and fake listings fast by searching and seeing property histories, reviews, and ratings from across all platforms.


Send property verification requests

We’ll help you confirm your perfect property is real, clean and matches the listing, no matter what platform it’s listed on.


Your stay is backed by our guarantees

We’ll provide you with a £500 deposit and make sure if your trip doesn’t go to plan, there is a Plan B in place.

Have you heard about our free £500 deposit?

Ready to transform how you understand the short-term rental market?

Security shield

Your SUPERHOG back-up plan

Home fraud

1 in 50 property listings is fake. Guests lose thousands of pounds each month to these fraudulent properties. If this happens to you as a member of SUPERHOG we’ll cover your booking costs.

Home misrepresentation

Expecting to stay in a villa you booked, only for that to change on arrival? This might be the first time it’s happened to you but not to us, we’ll sort it out or find you a better accommodation.

Home failure

Every now and again stuff happens that means the home becomes uninhabitable. That’s when we’ll jump in and sort it out.

Host cancellation

Sometimes hosts just have to cancel due to personal reasons. If that happens, don’t worry, we’ll help you out.

Ready to transform how you understand the short-term rental market?