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Prevent bad guests

How much do you really know about your guests?


The best guests

SUPERHOG verifies and authenticates guests from across all booking platforms.

Having guests to stay always carries that niggling doubt over who they really are and whether you can trust them. We help turn them from unknown strangers into super guests allowing you to see who they really are and giving you the confidence to welcome them with open arms.

A back-up plan

SUPERHOG provides all hosts with the ultimate home-sharing backup plan.

We’ve checked, double-checked and triple-checked our guests, but sometimes things don’t work. That’s why if you’re a SUPERHOG member if things go awry then we’ll help you sort out the mess.

Free deposit

SUPERHOG backs guests with a free £500 deposit for each and every booking.

As a SUPERHOG member, you can say goodbye to credit card holds, pre-authorisations or guests turning up with a wad of cash. We provide you with a £500 deposit on your guest’s behalf.

Ready to transform how you understand the short-term rental market?

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  • Guests or Hosts
  • Independently checked and verified
  • Backed by exclusive guarantees

How do you become one

  • Referred by an existing member
  • Referred by a management company
  • You can apply by clicking Get started

What we check

  • Identity documents
  • Previous booking experiences
  • Home-sharing profiles

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We’ll take you through each step of our onboarding process. SUPERHOG is a like-minded community of vetted and trusted guests, hosts and properties.


Check out your guests

Spot the bad apples fast by searching and seeing guest histories, reviews, and ratings from across all platforms.


Send verifications to guests (if not a SUPERHOG member)

We’ll help you confirm your guests are who they say they are, no matter what platform they are booking through.


Certify your home

We can help your home stand out from the crowd with our property certification tools, which will qualify your property for extra protection from us.


You know, we know, they know

Together we’ve removed any uncertainty that comes with taking a booking. Both parties can therefore relax, knowing what to expect from guests and knowing SUPERHOG has their back if things don’t go to plan.

Ready to transform how you understand the short-term rental market?