For Hosts & Property Owners

SUPERHOG enables hosts to not only use Airbnb and other booking platforms 100% safely (secure in the knowledge the guests staying in their properties have been independently verified), it also helps secure more bookings, because guests who are nervous of the fraud and scams regularly reported in the press will know they are booking a verified property with a verified host.

The Solution to Fake Hosts & Properties

Frequent reports in the press about fraudulent hosts creating fake or misleading listings on sharing platforms (which are seemingly backed up by ‘good’ reviews), have made potential guests wary of being ripped off. It is therefore important that hosts can prove their credentials.


SUPERHOG verifies both the host and an individual property, so becoming SUPERHOG approved will give you instant credibility and provide guests with the assurance and peace of mind that your listing is genuine, so they can confidently book with you.

Short-term rental market problems

The Solution to Bad Guests

Trusting your home to complete strangers is a leap of faith. Sadly, there are bad guests in the system that wilfully cause severe damage to homes. Current review systems are flawed and even if a guest is flagged up as a problem on one platform (which does not always happen), they can move on to another site with a clean slate and other hosts will be none the wiser.

 SUPERHOG membership gives you access to our thorough ID verification service so you can check who your guest is and their cross platform history. When they have completed our ID check, you will then qualify for our £1million Booking Guarantee.

The benefits of joining SUPERHOG as a host


  • Free ID verification
  • Property/Guest Search
  • £150 damage deposit on all bookings

Positive action

Show commitment to fight the bad characters in the industry.

More bookings

SUPERHOG verification means guests will be more likely to book your property than an unverified property, because guests know you are trustworthy.

Peace of mind

Knowing only trustworthy verified guests are staying in your property.


The SUPERHOG Guarantee

SUPERHOG offers a booking guarantee for all SUPERHOG members (hosts and guests) when they book with each other. This includes:

  • £1m property damage – accidental and malicious
  • £1m of public liability protection in case your guests have an accident

1 in 10 …

have booked a short-term property that has not existed.

No. 1...

is the ranking for “trusting a stranger” in a list of concerns preventing people using Airbnb etc.


leave no review rather than give a bad review.

“A young guest with a fake profile booked my property for a party and caused £11,000 worth of damage. If SUPERHOG had existed at that time, I would have been able to find out she was not who she claimed to be and I would never have accepted the booking."
Host, London

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