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FREE deposit

Deposits re-engineered

Better protection, zero hassle and greater confidence for hosts and guests

All bookings between verified members qualify for our £500 deposit

Better protection

SUPERHOG’s deposit provides £500 of real cash and the same protections as a traditional deposit.

Most guests are reluctant to put down more than a £150 deposit, this means SUPERHOG is providing 3.5 times more protection.

Zero hassle

SUPERHOG’s deposit means no one has to physically exchange money before or after a booking.

Requiring a deposit puts off guests, which decreases occupancy. Our approach allows guests to put the money they would usually use for a deposit, into their holiday spend. Saving everyone both the hassle and money.

Greater confidence

SUPERHOG’s deposit is centred around fast, fair and independent mediation.

Deposit disputes are common and difficult to resolve. We provide independent mediation to swiftly resolve disputes between hosts and guests.

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We’ll take you through each step of our onboarding process. SUPERHOG is a like-minded community of vetted and trusted guests, hosts and properties.


Request verifications

As a member, you can request verifications of future hosts or guests.


Deposit put in place

When they have verified themselves the deposit is put in place for that booking.


When something happens

Requesting a payment works in the same way that a traditional cash deposit would. Agreement will be required from all parties. If at the end of the booking there is damage, SUPERHOG will work with the host and guest to settle the issue.

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