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Vacation rental guest screening

Intelligent Guest Screening

Verify your guests

Use our intelligent vacation rental guest screening software to determine the true identity of guests that book your properties.

“Prior to using SUPERHOG, I was having to vet each booking situation myself. Now, I am sure at least that the identity of the guest booking matches the actual guest.”

Elizabeth Donn

Founder of The Reservation Specialists

“The verification process is streamlined and I have more confidence hosting guests and growing my business with SUPERHOG’s services!”

Jackson Church

Founder of Joshua Tree Stays

Guest detail authentication

Authenticate your guest’s personal details.

Guests provide SUPERHOG with their personal details, which our system compares against authoritative databases to ensure that the details provided are authentic and accurate. Guests provide their:

  • Name
  • Home address
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Mobile phone number

ID verification

Verify the true identity of your guests.

SUPERHOG uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyse the guest’s ID for image manipulation and other discrepancies, checking the:

  • Font
  • Layout
  • Hologram
  • ID portrait
  • Microprint

Biometric confirmation

Protect yourself against identity spoofing.

Guests also upload a live selfie, which our AI scans to protect against identity spoofing by ensuring the picture provided is not:

  • A screenshot
  • A photo of the ID portrait
  • Uploaded from the internet
  • A photo of a digital screen
  • A digitally tampered selfie

Know exactly who is staying in your properties every time

Trusted screening provider for property managers around the world

How it works

5 stages of guest verification

Step 1

After a guest books their stay, they receive their unique SUPERHOG ID link and begin the screening process.

Behind the scenes

This can be done through SUPERHOG’s automated messaging system via email or text or provided by you through our One Step Link.

Step 2

The guest inputs all their basic identification details into our secure database.

Behind the scenes

SUPERHOG automatically verifies the authenticity of the email address and the phone number by checking it, along with the legal name, against global telecommunications carrier databases.

Step 3

The guest signs SUPERHOG’s Guest Agreement.

Behind the scenes

This confirms that the guest is liable for any damage caused.

Step 4

The guest uploads a copy of their government-issued ID and a real-time selfie.

Behind the scenes

Our AI reads the ID to see if there are any discrepancies or image manipulation. It then compares the guest’s selfie (taken in real-time) against their ID photo through biometric checks to prevent identity spoofing.

Step 5

Once our checks are complete, the guest is verified and our Host Guarantee is automatically activated, protecting the booking.

Behind the scenes

If there are any hiccups, we reach out to your guest on your behalf to resolve the issue.

Want guest screening and damage protection in one solution?

Guest screening features

ID Verification

Biometric check

Database check

Card verification

Home address verification

Mobile phone verification

Email account verification

CCJ and insolvency check

Benefits of our guest screening

Increases guest accountability

By collecting the guest’s details, if something does go wrong, you’ll have the appropriate information to get issues resolved quickly.

Deters party bookings and fraudsters

Requiring guests to verify and provide their details is a major deterrent for those looking to take advantage of your property.

Automates previously manual processes

Gone are the days of having to manually review a copy of a guest’s passport. Our AI-powered system automatically reads and verifies IDs.

Adds an extra layer of protection for owners

Prevent damage and problems from occurring in the first place by deterring risky guests and parties from booking your properties.

Integrates seamlessly into your operations

We’re integrated with some of the largest property management systems, allowing you to import your bookings and listings seamlessly.

Improves your acquisition of new hosts

By including guest screening in your services, you’ll show homeowners that you put the protection of their property at the core of what you do.

Omnichannel verification, no matter where you take your bookings.

Data protection

You own the data, we keep it safe

We take our data responsibilities incredibly seriously and go to great lengths to ensure the safety and security of all guest data. We use data storage software such as Microsoft Azure with 256-bit AES encryption and conduct rigorous employee screening and background checks of all SUPERHOG team members.

Learn more about our data security protocols ->


What verifications does a guest have to go through?

Guests are put through a combination of checks against databases and are also checked by our biometric and ID verification software.

Will every guest attached to a booking need to be verified?

We verify the lead guest only as they are responsible for the booking.

What if I get a booking from a guest that has stayed before? Will they need to be verified again?

Yes, but only if there is a substantial gap between the bookings. This allows us to complete checks on whether the guest has caused damage in-between the bookings.

Can SUPERHOG’s guest verification journey be white-labelled?

Yes. To ensure that guests have the best experience possible, our verification journey can be fully white labelled or co-branded.

Is guest data safe with SUPERHOG?

Yes. We take our data responsibilities incredibly seriously and go to great lengths to ensure the safety and security of all guest data. For more information, please visit our page detailing our security and data protection measures.