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Spring break and its scalable revenue source

Posted by Kiera Davidson on March 9, 2022 · Hosts,Operators

Spring break. The two words that can make any property manager or host’s ‘knees weak, palms sweaty.’ The thought of an influx of young, college-aged party-hard Guests is what nightmares are made of.

You have the Ancient Greeks to thank for that!

The vacation period covering Easter break was first introduced to provide students time away from their studies and exams; however, many instead turn to the trio of travel, beaches, and parties: becoming a booze-fueled rite of passage for all.

Where do they go?

Did you know spring break is one of the largest money-making holidays for travel and tourism?

So why, in the vacation rental space, do we view spring breakers negatively?

Spring breakers flock to popular destinations including Miami Beach, Panama City Beach, Cancun and many more.

In 2021, Florida saw around 65,000 visitors fly into Tampa Bay airport – no comparison to the sleepy spring of 2020 which was ravaged by the outbreak of the pandemic.

65,000 visitors may not seem a lot but coupled with an estimated 570,000 students of the sunshine state, and that Fort Lauderdale alone is expecting ‘triple’ the number of visitors from last year, you’ve got yourself one hell of a spring break boom!

Don’t fret, spring break 2022 ordinances are already in place ready for the March Madness that typically descends upon the beaches; however, they’re not always in place to deter visitors?

In fact, a vast majority of visitors are unaware of the month-long spring break laws.

people enjoying their spring break at a vacation rental

The negativity surrounding hosting spring breakers: parties & properties

We’ve heard the horror stories. You too have heard the tales. We know you don’t want to be the next protagonist to a spring break hosting disaster.

You’re a proud owner, who has just nailed down your interior to perfection. (If you’re shaking your head, we suggest taking a look at ‘How to turn your house into a rental property paradise’)

Picture perfect.

That’s what your next Guests see too. A perfect property for their spring break.

It isn’t long until the notifications start pinging. 6 Guests. A week in March. Young: the age of a typical college student. Alarm bells start ringing… a trashed house, a ruined pool, damaged carpets and noise complaints that could shut you down! It’s definitely not music to your ears! 

But did you know this perceived negativity that surrounds these bookings comes at a cost to your business?

Let’s break it down:

You decide you don’t want to be a victim, so you choose to remove all listings until after spring break. You miss out on revenue for an entire month!

You decide to just not advertise for spring breakers – again, you’re missing out on thousands of potential bookings and a loss of income.

You cancel the booking, losing both revenue and trust between future Guests and your business.

You decide to host which results in hefty damages and repairs. This also affects your revenue.

It sounds like a lose-lose situation.

The short-term rental industry is led to believe hosting spring breakers is a disaster waiting to happen. It’s a hard no for many.

spring break pool party

What is the answer?

Many businesses have taken it upon themselves to ban 1- and 2-night stays. Similar to the actions Airbnb took to crack down on New Year’s parties.

Along with that came age restrictive bookings. 25yrs and under were specifically targeted, but did you know bad guests don’t come with an age limit?

However, this isn’t the answer. You’re still shutting your doors to huge potential areas of business that could bring you profit after profit.

As such, the pent-up demand of a tiring, two-year pandemic is ready to explode across the spring break period.

With an expected 3 million visitors to Cancun over the Easter period, you could be cutting yourself off from a goldmine of revenue simply by following these methods.

Instead, we suggest opening your doors and saying yes to spring break 2022. Say yes to the scalable revenue it has to offer.

piggy bank with revenue from spring break vacation rental bookings

A scalable revenue source

Here’s how you can create revenue by hosting spring breakers whilst avoiding the horror story stigma that comes with it:

  • Advertise your property
  • Competitive pricing
  • An intelligent guest screening tool
  • $5,000,000 Host guarantee
  • Noise Awareness tools
  • Accept those bookings

With SUPERHOG, you can combine intelligent guest screening with our damage deposit/waiver toolkit, and our $5,000,000 Host guarantee to create your automated tech solution. 

No more saying no to hosting over spring break 2022!

Open your doors. Say yes. Host with confidence.

Not only will an automated tech solution save you time, money, and hassle, but you will be beating your competition by accepting popular bookings that many others are worried to host.

Spring Break. Be prepared

The popularity of spring break has not dwindled – this is evident by the number of visitors during the vacation period to Florida in 2021 during the pandemic.

Make sure you’re prepared for spring break 2022 and unlock the revenue potentials that are right on your doorstep.