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Guest Guarantee


SUPERHOG guarantees to Guest Members that any Property which is the subject of an Approved Booking will meet Home Standards and that any Approved Booking will not be cancelled by the Host without appropriate alternative arrangements being made.

Additionally, SUPERHOG provides a guarantee to the Host on behalf of a Guest Member for the Guest’s liability in relation to Property Damage that was caused accidentally.

SUPERHOG may reimburse the Guest or Host as appropriate, subject to these terms. Please note all payments are made at SUPERHOG’s sole discretion.


No payments made by SUPERHOG under this guarantee shall release, reduce or waive any liability of a Host relating to their responsibility to ensure that a Property is not misrepresented and meets Home Standards. Any payment by SUPERHOG under this guarantee transfers a Host’s liability such that it becomes a liability to SUPERHOG rather than to the Host.


The maximum payable under this Guarantee in relation to a Home Standards failing or Host Cancellation is the lower of £100 per night and the actual cost per night paid for the Booking, with a maximum total payment of £1,000 for any Booking.

The maximum we may pay under this Guarantee in relation to Property Damage caused accidentally by a Guest Member is £500.

The following conditions must be met in order for the Guest to request a payment under this Guarantee:

  • The Booking is an Approved Booking.

  • The Guest must have valid travel insurance in place from the point of making the Booking for the period which includes the Approved Booking.

  • The Guest and Host must take all reasonable steps to mitigate the costs of any Property Damage and agree to provide whatever assistance is required by SUPERHOG or its partners in order to assess Property Damage.

  • The Guest acknowledges and agrees to be bound by the terms of this Guarantee as well as all other related SUEPRHOG terms as published at the time of the Approved Booking.

Failure to meet any of these conditions may result in a Payment Request being declined or reduced as determined by SUPERHOG.


Property Damage means the damage to any permanent building, including fixtures and fittings, or Contents within the Host’s Property, caused by the actions or inactions, whether accidental, deliberate or maliciously harmful, of a Guest (or accompanying occupants) of the Property during a Booking. Property Damage does not include Cosmetic Damage or Wear and Tear.


SUPERHOG will only make a Guarantee Payment in relation to Property Damage that was caused accidentally by the Guest Member. SUPERHOG will not make any Guarantee Payment in respect of any:

(a) Property Damage which was not caused accidentally;

(b) Damage which cannot be proved to have been caused by a Guest during a Booking;

(c) Cosmetic Damage or Wear and Tear;

(d) Accidental Property Damage resulting from any Party which took place with the Host’s consent;

(e) Property Damage which the Host could reasonably have expected or foreseen;

(f) Bodily injury or other loss suffered by a Host or Guest;

(g) Alternative accommodation costs for the Guest, Host or any occupant;

(h) Any resulting loss of use of the Property or consequential loss of income by a Guest, Host or any occupant.


In the event of cancellation by a Host within 7 days of a scheduled trip that has been paid for in full by a Guest Member and not yet refunded by the Host, the Guest Member shall be entitled to:

Financial compensation up to the lower of the price paid for the Booking and £100 per night for a relocation (on presentation of invoices for the payment of a replacement lodging on the same dates as the cancelled Booking) within the limit of £1,000 per Booking. For example, if the cancelled Booking was for four nights, the Guest will be entitled to a maximum refund of £400 for its emergency accommodation costs.

The Host remains liable for all costs incurred under this guarantee and the Guest Member agrees to waive the first £50 (fifty) in the case of cancellation by the Host.


In the event of a substandard or inaccurate Listing provided by a Host, a Guest Member shall be entitled to either:

(a) Financial compensation up to the lower of the price paid for the Booking and £100 per night for re-housing (upon submission of invoices for payment of replacement accommodation on the same dates as the cancelled Booking), within the limit of £1,000 per Booking, or

(b) Financial compensation up to £100 per night for reimbursement of non-refundable expenses directly related to the cancelled Booking (upon submission of invoices, for which the impossibility of reimbursement is otherwise proven – airline tickets, train ticket, etc.). within the limit of £1,000 per Booking. For example, if the cancelled Booking was for four nights, the Guest Member will be entitled to a maximum refund of £400 for such non-refundable transport tickets.


A Listing is considered substandard or to have been misrepresented when it lacks core functional requirements that a Guest would normally expect at a Listing (unless the Listing has specified the lack of such functions). Such functional requirements includes:

  • No electricity;

  • No running water;

  • No hot water;

  • No refrigerator or refrigerator out of order;

  • No functional cooking element (oven, stove, or microwave);

  • Significant presence of pests (rats, cockroaches, etc.);

  • Lack of a toilet;

  • Lack of a functional bathtub or shower;

  • Inability to close a door or window on the ground floor overlooking a public space (street, building courtyard);

  • Faulty roof resulting in the interior of the dwelling not being protected from rain;

  • Lower sleeping capacity than the number of guests declared in the Listing.

The Guest Member shall not be entitled to any compensation if they choose to stay in the Listing despite its substandard nature or misrepresentation.


In order to submit a Payment Request the Host or Guest must submit the case to SUPERHOG for resolution within 10 days of the Booking’s Check-Out, and present all requested evidence, which may include:

  • Photographs immediately before and after the Booking as evidence of Property Damage;

  • Photographic or similar evidence of Home Standards failings or misrepresentation;

  • Evidence of Host Cancellation and surrounding circumstances;

  • Receipts for any costs incurred;

  • Formal police reports of the event;

  • Original invoices for damaged property;

  • Quotation or estimate for replacement/repair.

In certain circumstances SUPERHOG may require the Guest to make an insurance claim before any Guarantee Payment can be considered.


For any Guarantee Payment made under this guarantee for a Guest’s liability in relation to Property Damage, SUPERHOG reserves the right, in our sole discretion, to pay all or a portion of the amount. In order to quantify the Guest’s liability we may take into account factors including but not limited to:

(a) the cost of rebuilding or repairing Property Damage to a condition equal to but not better or more extensive than their condition at the start of the Booking.

(b) depreciation based on the expected lifetime of the item within a rental environment, that has suffered Property Damage.

(c) any contribution that has been made towards the Property Damage by the Guest or any third party, including from the sale of any item which has suffered Property Damage,

The Guest will be required to make a £50 contribution towards any Guarantee Payment. SUPERHOG also has the right, but not the obligation, to take ownership of any items for which a Guarantee Payment has been made in order to replace the item and the Guest agrees to provide reasonable assistance in such circumstances.

Any Guarantee Payment will be made by electronic transfer to the account details provided by the Host within 5 days of agreeing any Guarantee Payment. Guarantee Payments will be made in local currency as converted on at the time of the payment being made.


Any Property is eligible for this guarantee unless it is located in a country that the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office has determined is not suitable for travel on the day the Booking begins.

SUPERHOG will not be liable to make any payment under this guarantee which:

(a) would breach economic, financial or trade sanctions imposed under the law of the country in which this policy is issued or would otherwise provide cover; or

(b) would breach economic, financial or trade sanctions imposed by Canada, the European Union, United Kingdom or the United States of America.