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My City Pod X Superhog

Posted by admin on June 30, 2020 · Case Studies

MyCityPod is an online marketplace for arranging or offering temporary accommodation, primarily homestays.

“Being able to offer short term apartments without the guests needing to pay a security deposit has enabled us to triple our booking enquiries and have more Travel Managers from corporate companies willing to have a conversation with us about working with us at twice the rate compared to this time last year. It’s just added more value to our service.”

Kim – My City Pod

MY CITY POD X Superhog

After operating short term rentals on master leases for 10 years, they decided they wanted to offer their guests more accommodation options.

They decided to partner up with other smaller serviced accommodation providers in key locations.

After doing some research, they came across an ebook from Sharetribe about running marketplaces, and it quickly became apparent to them that they needed a way to protect hosts from potential property damage AND to also attract more guests by waiving damage deposits.

The e-book had a list of companies that provided guarantees and insurance for marketplaces, GUARDHOG was one of them and much to their relief, GUARDHOG was based in the UK. 

My City Pod homepage

The Solution

After enquiring about Superhog, they decided that our product was the best one for them, given the level of cover they got, plus the flexibility on implementing this service to their hosts.

The result of this was that we had created peace of mind, not only for themselves as a marketplace but for their hosts as well.

In business, you have to be able to offer something unique, and if you can’t differentiate yourself, then you must aim to do better, and that’s what they have accomplished with the help of Superhog.

All the hosts they have on board have commented on how MyCityPod as a brand demonstrates that they care for their hosts by having this solution and not charging extra for it.

My City Pod homepage

The Results

Moving forward, they believe Superhog’s guarantee will enable their short term accommodation marketplace to have increased margins due to removing that barrier of paying damage deposit costs.

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