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SUPERHOG’s year in review

Posted by admin on December 15, 2021 · News

Let’s start by stating the obvious.

It’s been another long hard year in many of our personal lives, as well as the hardships faced as businesses within the travel and hospitality sector as a whole.

However, we’re not going to dwell on hardships and negativity. SUPERHOG has attacked 2021 with full force, seeing a year of strong growth, hard work and optimism.

Signs of good things to come

Although the recent emergence of Omicron is worrying for vacation and short-term rental Hosts and Operators, recent publications from leading booking and travel platforms emphasize the resurgence of travel in the latter part of 2021, with exciting predictions for the industry in 2022 that offer reasons to be optimistic for the new year.

Here are some of SUPERHOG’s key takeaways from reading these reports:

From’s 2022 predictions

  1. 58% of travelers agree it’s important that their trip is beneficial to the destination’s local community

  2. 64% of travelers agree that technology will be more important than ever while on vacation

  3. 61% of travelers are now more open to different types of vacations.

From Expedia’s GOAT mindset

  1. Domestic travel remains a top choice for Americans, with 59% of U.S. survey respondents planning domestic-only trips for 2022

  2. Travelers between the ages of 18 and 34 are the most likely to go big when it comes to spending (80% compared to 56% of travelers over the age of 50)

  3.  More than a quarter of travelers (27%) also aim to spend more time in their destination to ensure they fully experience all it has to offer

From’s trending in travel

  1. International spending expected to rise 94% in 2022

  2. 8 in 10 travelers will make sustainable travel a priority in the future

  3. The travel & tourism sector’s contribution to global GDP is projected to rise by 31.7% in 2022.

Overall, these reports show that travel has been able to bounce back effectively and give us all plenty of hope for 2022 and beyond.

A year of growth, hard work, and optimism

Here at SUPERHOG, we’ve had an incredible year.

As highlighted by McKinsey’s report, the pandemic brought about an accelerated adoption of new technologies, with consumer and business digital adoption vaulting 5 years forward.

From a short-term rental perspective, it’s clear to see that we’ve also ‘vaulted’ in the adoption of technology as an industry.

High tech stays (that were also high touch) were not only rooted in technology, but also in putting the guest experience at the heart of the booking journey.

Property Managers that have incorporated operational tech into the foundations of their businesses from the very beginning have enjoyed incredible success.

With this increased adoption of new and innovative digital solutions, SUPERHOG has grown significantly over the last year, and we want to thank all our partners and customers for helping us make the short-term/vacation rental industry safer for Hosts and Property Managers.

Here’s an overview of SUPERHOG’s achievements, milestones, and highlights in 2021:

SUPERHOG year in review


We built 18 PMS integrations with the leading providers in the industry to allow Property Managers and Hosts to screen their Guests and protect their properties from one centralized account.

(Visit our integrations page for more information about who SUPERHOG is integrated with)

SUPERHOG PMS integrations


In 2021, we launched our first podcast series: Vacation and Short-Term Rental Titans, where we interviewed some of the biggest names behind some of the biggest companies in the vacation rental industry, finding out more about how they got started in the sector and their advice to new entrepreneurs.

Series 1 included 35 episodes, from 34 industry experts and equated to 15 hours and 41 minutes of incredibly valuable advice. 

We’d like to say a huge thank you to all those who took the time to record an episode, and we look forward to series 2 in the new year!

SUPERHOG titans podcast


Throughout 2021, SUPERHOG’s expert team grew by 15, and we established strong foundations in the US and central Europe through our new hires (most recently welcoming SUPERHOG to Barcelona with some amazing industry partners).

A few Property Managers pointed out that they couldn’t join SUPERHOG because it was not available in their country’s native language – So, in 2021 we made SUPERHOG’s app available in English, Spanish, and French to help protect even more vacation rentals.

SUPERHOG team expansion


2021 saw the return of in-person conferences and events where we were finally able to meet our partners for a coffee and a face-to-face conversation for the first time – in what felt like forever – which saw SUPERHOG attending both in-person and digitally:

  • The Short Stay Summit

  • The Book Direct Show

  • The Vacation Rental World Summit

  • VRMA

  • Vitur

  • The Short Stay Week
SUPERHOG's top moments of 2021

Fintech 4.0 and Tourism Declares

This year we also joined 30 other leading fintech companies in Tech Nation’s Fintech 4.0 Programme. We were chosen from over 100 applications by an expert panel of judges.

We also signed up for Tourism Declares A Climate Emergency, a global community of 418 tourism organizations, companies and professionals, all committed to delivering a Climate Action Plan aligned with the need to cut emissions in half by 2030. (SUPERHOG’s Climate Action Plan)

We also hosted a roundtable with industry experts to help Property Managers and Hosts make their vacation rentals more sustainable, with our experts sharing the measures they have taken to reduce the emissions caused by their businesses and the steps they plan to implement going forward.

SUPERHOG roundtable: Creating a sustainable footprint within the short-term rental industry

SUPERHOG's top webinars and blogs

2022 and beyond

SUPERHOG has had an incredibly strong year and we are incredibly excited for what 2022 has in store for us as a company.

We have a lot of exciting developments and upgrades to our product that we can’t wait to share with our partners, customers, and the vacation rental community in the new year to help make vacation rentals safe.

Thank you to all our partners and customers for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you in the new year.

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