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Vacation and Short-Term Rental Titans Podcast

Michael Goldin Titan

Founded in 2015, Noiseaware is a non-invasive noise protection service for Airbnb hosts, property managers and hoteliers. Excessive noise is a leading indicator of property misuse. 

Na'im Payman Titan

Founded in 2019, Zeevou’s founder, Na’ím decided to expand his interests through business, growing a short-term rental company to hundreds of units within a few years.

Nikola Grubelic Titan

Founded in 2010, Direct Booker are a channel manager that looks after 7,827 properties and are one of, if not, the leading vacation rental agency in Croatia.

Mateo Bradford Titan

Founded in 2018 and based in Texas, At Ease is a JTR-compliant booking-engine that makes it possible for federal employees and active-duty military to find affordable short-term rentals for PCS moves and temporary duty travel. 

Dale Smith Titan

Founded in 2018, Host & Stay are revolutionising the holiday home experience for owners and for guests across North Yorkshire, The Yorkshire Dales, The Lake District, Durham, Newcastle and Northumberland. 

Victoria O'Connell Titan

Founded in 2017, Golightly is the first invite-only vacation rental and home-sharing marketplace for women, with a mission to form a network of connected, like-minded women and provide them with a safe and trusted place to book accommodations.