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Damage protection for vacation rentals

Comprehensive Damage Protection

Protect your homes

Our $5,000,000 Host Guarantee is unmatched in the industry, offering comprehensive protection to property managers and hosts around the world.

“SUPERHOG risk protection is essential to our business. As a booking platform, we not only have to protect our travelers during their stays, we are also charged with ensuring that our property managers are covered as well. SUPERHOG gives us the right product at the right price.”

Mateo Bradford

Strategic Business Development Manager for at ease

Damage protection

Protect your homes against guest damage.

Our Host Guarantee offers protection from $500 up to $5,000,000 for any damage that is caused by a verified guest during a booking, giving you that extra peace of mind that when damage does occur, SUPERHOG will be able to help reimburse you and guide you through our resolution process.

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How our Host Guarantee works

Our Host Guarantee automatically protects all verified bookings.

Guest property damage

Damage to your property caused by guests during a SUPERHOG verified booking.

Guest damage due to theft

Damage caused by theft or attempted theft enabled by actions or inactions of a SUPERHOG verified guest.

Guest damage to belongings

Damage to your belongings caused by a guest during a SUPERHOG verified booking.

Guest damage to common areas

Your legal responsibility for damage to common areas (e.g. neighbouring properties) by a SUPERHOG verified guest.

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Globally accessible

Wherever you are, we are too.

SUPERHOG’s industry-leading booking protection is available globally. If a verified guest causes damage, our expert in-house resolutions team will be on hand to support you through every step of our process to get you reimbursed.

You’ll be taking bookings again in no time.

Trusted screening provider for property managers around the world


Do I still need home insurance if I use SUPERHOG?

Yes. SUPERHOG is not an insurance provider and having valid Home/Property and Liability insurance is a requirement of our guarantees.

Why do I need underlying home insurance if I use SUPERHOG?

SUPERHOG‘s Host Guarantee only relates to property damage caused by guests during a validated booking. If your property is subject to damage caused outside of a booking and not directly by a verified guest, then SUPERHOG can not help you and you should make a claim on your home/property insurance policy.

Will SUPERHOG pursue guests for damages?

Yes. guests are responsible for the costs associated with any damages that they might cause during a booking, and a big part of our role is to ensure they honour this responsibility.

There are exceptions to this, for example where the property damage is superficial or “wear and tear”, or for smaller losses (normally of less than £500) where the costs can be reclaimed against a security deposit or damage waiver. For more information about our process, please head to our FAQs page.

Can I use SUPERHOG’s booking protection without its guest screening?

No. SUPERHOG’s Host Guarantee comes with our Advanced Screening option and is an add on.

Is SUPERHOG available in my country?

Yes. SUPERHOG operates globally, with a few restrictions. Please review our Host Guarantee or our Guest Guarantee to see where SUPERHOG is not available.

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