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We’re telling the story behind properties, hosts and guests

SUPERHOG is mapping the short-term rental sector to help you know more, stand out and act with conviction

Our vision

By telling the story behind every booking, we’re creating a future where it’s easier for everyone to make better decisions and stand out among the crowd.

Our defining values

All for all

When people come together amazing things can happen. Sharing is a fundamental trait of communities – creating friends and connections. Whether for individuals or partners we believe together we achieve more.

Fire in the belly

Our glass is always half full. We are future focused and see a world of endless possibilities. We are always looking 3 steps forward to anticipate the needs of our customers. And if we get knocked down, we dust ourselves off and go again!

Make a difference

We are on a mission to change the world and we want to make a difference. Whatever we do, we commit fully to it to create better ways of helping customers, partners and the STR community. If that means shaking up the status quo, that’s exactly what we’ll do.

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Humphrey Bowles


I love a challenge and tackling the big issues faced within the STR community. The company has gone from strength-to-strength and we’re transforming our market with a clear strategy and focused execution. By telling the story behind every booking we are allowing hosts, guests and properties to demonstrate credibility, move fast and act with real conviction to change the unknown to the known.


Andrew Boldt


I love building teams to tackle important but overlooked problems. Coming from an industry that has a poor track record in product innovation and client service, SUPERHOG brings innovation to an innovative market. We are ambitious but humble and we’re creating a future where although you have insurance, we are working with you to make sure you never need it.


Ben Robinson


Nothing excites me more than developing and delivering new and innovative solutions. At GUARDHOG Tech and with SUPERHOG especially, we are building a comprehensive, actionable, real-time view of the STR market. We deliver it through a reliable platform that is easy to integrate, enabling all STR businesses to take advantage of our ID verification and property certification tools.


Leo Walton


The great thing about working at GUARDHOG is seeing the cumulative effect of so many smart and motivated people who share a common purpose and belief, working together. We’re aiming to re-wire the system and by embracing new ways of thinking and doing, SUPERHOG is filling a much needed gap in the STR market. We are making it easier for everyone to act with confidence and stay on top of the bad actors.

Creating opportunity and working with us

Owning it

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We look for people who care about their impact more than their title.

When we say ‘own it’, it starts from day one. Whether this is your first job or you’re an industry veteran, we trust you to advance our mission and hold yourself accountable.

We want you to make the company, and yourself, better every day.

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