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Working from home: top 10 tips to keep you productive

Posted by admin on May 15, 2020 · Stay Home Hub

1. When working from home, get up at the same time you usually would if you were going to the office

If you’re thinking of letting yourself have a lie in because you’re working from home, don’t! it can be much harder to dive straight into work. Without your usual commute that helps you prepare for the day ahead, you’ll start to procrastinate and push back your start time.

2. If you’re working from home, do not work in your pyjamas!

It may be tempting to roll out of bed in your pj’s and straight onto your laptop, but you should dress as you would normally at the office. This helps with productivity and keeping in a work-mode mindset. If you’re one of those people that rocks up at work in your pj’s, please stop…

3. Communication when working from home is crucial

Having no-one check in on what you’re doing or social interaction is very damaging to your work. Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zoom etc. are going to become your new best friend and many of these have free subscription options so take advantage where you can! Schedule regular calls and reports with your teammates. That way you’ll all stay in the loop and up to date with what everyone’s doing.

4. Use your calendar to schedule out your day

Working from home can bamboozle your usual schedule that you would have at the office. Write down your goal for the day (make sure they are realistic!)

5. Give yourself an hour for lunch and actually take it

To be productive and efficient, you have to take time away from your computer. During that hour try and do some physical activity, like walk around your garden or the local park. Fresh air will get you invigorated and give you a break from work, preventing you from burning out.

6. Create a dedicated work space!

Now that you’re working from home, creating a dedicated work space is important. Reclining like Caesar on your sofa with the TV on in the background, is not going to help you be productive really is it? Dedicate a specific room to work and remove all distractions.

7. Sign out of all your socials

Now that you’re at home and you’re your own manager, there’s no one to supervise what you’re doing. Logging out of your social media accounts or working in incognito mode will stop you scrolling through Instagram for what you thought was 10 minutes but was actually 3 hours. We’ve all been there!

8. Schedule your day to get the most out of it

Working from home is not the same as working from your office. You know when you are at your most productive, so schedule your day around those timings. Make sure you set out these times in your schedule, because working from home can make these non-productive times last longer with no supervision.

9. Communicate with whoever you live with

They have to respect that you’re at work and not at home. That means no gossiping for 2 hours between tasks!

10. Only work the hours that you would work if you were in the office

This again contributes to burnout and working from home in a relaxed comfortable setting (more comfortable than the office!) can lead to you losing track of time and overworking yourself. That’s why having a separate working space is critical, so you can then relax after work.