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Leverage our technology to become the SuperHostOrGuest.

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Superhog is the technology behind industry-defining vacation rental solutions

For Property Managers

Know Your Guest Platform

Manage all STR risks on one platform.

Superhog dashboard login

Log into your Superhog dashboard account and manage yor bookings from there.

For Guest

Checkin Hero

Secure reimbursement for an uninhabitable booking.

For OTAs and PMSs

e-Deposit API

Use invisible security deposit alternative available via API.

User Screening API

Use a seamless user screening API to vet global users.

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Thousands of property managers and hosts around the world are using Superhog to de-stress their work routines.

Quick and Smooth Solution Integration

What Sets Us Apart

Superhog stands for Super Host, Operator, and Guest.

We are a provider that offers unparalleled industry-defining capabilities that set it apart from traditional methods.

Trust and peace of mind

Building trust is crucial in the vacation rental industry. With Know Your Guest, you can create a trustworthy environment that encourages positive experiences and reviews.

Customisable product solutions

Superhog recognises the need for flexibility. Tailor our technology to match your business needs and gain greater control over who stays in your rentals.

Streamlined and automated operations

We understand the importance of efficiency, whether it be for hosts or guests. With Superhog's pain-free API integrations, you can maximise your profits, save time and create safer bookings.

Experience the Superhog difference

Discover the future of guest and host accountability in the vacation rental industry.