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Frequently asked questions


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What does SUPERHOG do?

SUPERHOG is the leading guest screening solution for the vacation rental and serviced accommodation industry.

SUPERHOG independently verifies users and puts protection in place for guest property damage in the form of our guarantee and deposit/waiver.

Is my personal information safe with SUPERHOG?

Yes – our process has been designed to ensure your information is 100% secure.

All personal information is encrypted, ensuring all personal identifying information remains protected. We will only ever show partial personal information to ensure the privacy of those that have verified with us.

For more information, please visit our Data protection page and our Privacy and Data Protection Policy.

What is SUPERHOG’s relationship with Airbnb?

SUPERHOG is not partnered with Airbnb.

SUPERHOG provides advanced guest screening for hosts and property management companies, as well as damage protection through our Host Guarantee, which protects them from scenarios that are not covered by the Airbnb guarantee.

Does SUPERHOG offer account managers?

SUPERHOG has a dedicated team to help with any problems that occur, who can be contacted via our contact page or email and are always happy to help.

Which languages can SUPERHOG use to communicate with guests and third-party services?

Currently, SUPERHOG only offers support in English.

If you receive inquiries or require third-party communication in a different language, we will do our best to translate all the information provided and will answer in English.

What verifications does a guest have to go through?

We contact the guest on your behalf. They are put through a combination of checks against our database and are also checked by our biometric and ID verification software.

Will every guest attached to a booking need to be verified?

We verify the lead guest only, but if they have 3 or fewer reviews, we will need to identify other guests within their party.

Will SUPERHOG pursue guests for damages?

Yes. guests are responsible for the costs associated with any damages that they might cause during a booking, and a big part of our role is to ensure they honour this responsibility.

There are exceptions to this, for example where the property damage is superficial or “wear and tear”, or for smaller losses (normally of less than £500) where the costs can be reclaimed against a security deposit or damage waiver.

Additionally, we reserve the right to waive the liability of a guest for smaller losses if they are a guest member of SUPERHOG

From the point of being notified of potential guest damage, there are 4 steps to the SUPERHOG resolution process:

1. Qualify – we gather data so as to be able to confirm whether the damage was caused by a guest, during the booking, and meets all qualifying criteria for our guarantee.

2. Quantify – our expert team will work with the relevant parties to assess how to bring about a fair resolution; this may involve the replacement or repair of an item, total payment or a contribution from the guest, and will take into account factors such as the age of a damaged item and how its damage impacts a property’s “reliability”.

3. Settlement – we will make any agreed resolution payment to the host or property manager, in whatever their local currency is. For certain currencies, the host will carry the cost of currency conversion.

4. Recovery – we will take appropriate steps to recover our settlement from the guest in question, having taken on the liability owed by the guest in making a settlement payment.

If I sign up, does SUPERHOG become my underlying home insurer?

No. SUPERHOG itself is not an insurance provider so you should continue to purchase appropriate Home/Property and Liability insurance for the relevant property.

SUPERHOG‘s Host Guarantee only relates to damage caused by guests during a booking/stay.

If your property is subject to damage caused outside of a booking and not directly by a guest, then SUPERHOG can not help you and you should make a claim on your home/property insurance policy.

Who is SUPERHOG for?

SUPERHOG can be used by those involved in the home-sharing industry: property managers, short-term rental platforms, individual hosts, and vacation rental guests.

We also work with other businesses involved in the sharing economy, where trust and safety for their community of users is crucial.

Is SUPERHOG integrated with my PMS?

We currently have integrations with KigoGuestyLavandaRentals United, and Lodgify but this list is growing! You can find out more on our integrations page.

Which booking channels does SUPERHOG work with?

Unlike major OTA’s who don’t share verifications or reviews with other platforms, SUPERHOG is able to provide a centralised database where hosts will be notified of bad guests, reducing the risk of damage being caused.

SUPERHOG is therefore able to work with any platform you use.

Is SUPERHOG available in my country/city?

Yes. SUPERHOG operates globally, with a few restrictions.

Please view our Host Guarantee or our Guest Guarantee to see where SUPERHOG is not available.

Who will help me get started?

You can easily get in contact with us, where you will be introduced to one of our expert sales team members. They will walk you through the entire product and answer any questions you may have.

Our onboarding team will then help you out with your account set up and then you’re good to go!

Is there a minimum claim?

Yes. You can claim for guest damages from a minimum of £50 and guest alternative accommodation from a minimum of £50.

What if I get a booking from a guest that has stayed before? Will they need to be verified again?

Yes, but only if there is a substantial gap between the bookings.

This allows us to complete checks on whether the guest has received bad reviews or caused damage in-between the bookings.

How much does it cost to use SUPERHOG?

We offer either monthly or annual payments for our host membership, starting at £7 per month, and an annual payment of £10 per year for guests. You can find out more on our host or guest pages.

If you are a property manager or Airbnb-style platform looking to use SUPERHOG, please book a demo to discuss pricing with our Sales Team.

Do I still need home insurance if I use SUPERHOG?

Yes. SUPERHOG is not an insurance provider and having valid home/property and liability insurance is a requirement of our guarantees.

What’s the difference between SUPERHOG’s Host Guarantee and standard home insurance?

SUPERHOG‘s Host Guarantee only relates to damage during a validated stay/booking made by paying guests.

For example, if a paying guest from a rental platform/site were to damage your property or belongings, then the guest is liable for this damage and SUPERHOG will guarantee that this liability is met.

As another example, damage caused by the escape of water from pipes, storm damage, or theft with no evidence that the guest was involved should be covered by a valid Home/Property insurance policy, and SUPERHOG guarantees would not be activated in these circumstances.

Why do I need underlying home insurance if I sign up for SUPERHOG?

SUPERHOG does not replace your standard underlying homeowner/home insurance. To use SUPERHOG, you must have a valid underlying home insurance policy in place.

SUPERHOG‘s Host Guarantee only relates to property damage caused by guests during a booking.