Seamless Protection API for OTAs and PMSs

Revolutionise security deposit processing via API. Protect property managers against guest damage without the usual complications.

e-Deposit — a non-invasive approach to screening and protection

Fully Delegated Resolutions Process

Your property managers and hosts spend dozens of hours each month processing resolutions and often unsuccessfully. 

With e-Deposit, they can let their hair down and leave the resolution process to our team.

Get Comprehensive Damage Protection

Once approved, hosts enjoy peace of mind with up to $50,000 in protection against damages caused by the guest during their booking.

Bid farewell to the uncertainty of traditional deposits and welcome a reliable shield that safeguards your property.

Protection for All Small Damages

There’s a myriad of insurance companies and cases they do and don’t cover. We fill the gap by protecting against minor unintentional damage caused by guests.

Keep Guests on Your Platform

With our seamless integration, your guest will skip the unnecessary detours and complete the booking process on your platform.

Automate Guest Approval Process

Based on the screening results, we swiftly approve or deny the guest, streamlining the booking process for hosts.

No need for hosts to interact with the screening tool – we take care of everything behind the scenes.

Predict Insurance Expenses

We understand that it’s hard to plan your insurance budget when every case is unique and requires different coverage.

e-Deposit solves this by deducting a fixed nightly fee per verified guest which provides more clarity for the finance team.

Experience the Superhog difference

Discover the future of guest and host accountability in the vacation rental industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

We typically resolve the majority of cases within three days. Read more about our vacation rental dispute resolution.

We don’t request the data from a guest. Instead, we pull it from the booking they make on your platform. We pull booking details including name, email, and phone number and run thorough checks on email and phone authenticity and run checks against a selection of databases.
  1. Guest makes a booking, and we pull booking details including name, email, and phone number.
  2. We run screening checks on those bookings and mark them as “approved”, “flagged”, and “rejected”.
  3. Depending on the results of the screening, we set up different levels of coverage for approved, flagged or rejected guests.
  4. The deposit expires when the booking comes to an end unless the property manager or host files a security deposit request. Our resolutions team reviews and pays out each request.

Security Deposit API discreetly conducts seamless checks for each booking, leveraging real-time data from name, email, and phone sources. This approach assesses guest risk, enabling a virtual deposit of up to $50,000 for Property Managers in case of potential damages.

We make the resolution process effective, efficient, and quick. When a property manager initiates a resolution request via a method of their choice, we respond to it and pay the damages. A host or property manager receives reimbursement directly. Get a better understanding of what the vacation rental dispute resolution team does here.

Here are a couple of the common Screening API errors:

400 Error Indicates that a request is missing a mandatory field or some incorrect or invalid information has been provided.

401 Error Shows that the Screening API cannot fulfil the request because the client doesn’t have the necessary scopes to access the capability or the access key is missing, invalid or expired. Reach out to our partnership manager Claire Bravard, she will help you create an account and give you the subscription key.

403 Error This is a permission error, meaning that the server refuses to authorise the partner to call the specific capability or access a specific resource.

500 Error Is an internal server error.