Make a Checkin Hero Reimbursement Request

Welcome back! Want to make a Checkin Hero reimbursement request? You’ve landed on the right page! Here’s what you need to do in case the unexpected happens

  1. Check the Terms and Conditions: Make sure your situation is covered. We’ve got you covered, but it’s always good to double-check!
  2. Make a request in the form below: If you find yourself locked out or facing an uninhabitable situation, don’t fret! Simply submit a reimbursement request with all the necessary info.
  3. Resolution Expert Assistance: Our friendly Resolution Experts are here to help!
  4. Reimbursement Delight: Within just 10-15 days after submitting your request, you’ll receive your reimbursement. It’s that simple!

Make a Checkin Hero Reimbursement Request

Checkin Hero FAQs

To be eligible for compensation, you must demonstrate either (a) inability to access your booked property upon arrival (e.g. due to missing keys, unresponsive host, etc.) or (b) significant property failures affecting your stay (e.g. non-functional plumbing, fewer bedrooms than advertised, etc.). Evidence required includes communication records with your host via the booking platform or SMS, invoices for alternative accommodations, and any other relevant documentation supporting your request all to be submitted within 48 hours of check-in.

Regrettably, Checkin Hero is presently only accessible for purchase during the verification process. If you’ve completed check-in and find that the listing doesn’t meet your expectations, we won’t be able to extend coverage for alternative accommodations.

You can expect to receive compensation within 10-15 business days after reporting the issue and submitting the required documentation and evidence within 24 hours of your check-in.

After submitting your request, it will be reviewed by our Resolutions team. If it meets the criteria outlined in our terms and conditions, you will receive compensation within 10-15 business days.

A listing may be considered uninhabitable if it experiences serious failures such as a lack of basic amenities like electricity or running water, significant damage to fixtures or fittings, the presence of pests, or other safety concerns outlined in our terms and conditions

Yes, it’s important to review the terms and conditions carefully. These may include conditions such as notifying us within 24 hours of check-in, not having stayed the first night in the listing, and limitations on the duration of support provided in terms and conditions

If your payment for Checkin Hero doesn’t go through, please contact Our Guest Services team will quickly send you an invoice for manual payment. Remember, if you haven’t paid for Checkin Hero, you won’t qualify for compensation if any covered issues occur during check-in.

Unfortunately, once purchased, Checkin Hero cannot be refunded, even if you decide to cancel your booking. Its purpose is to offer peace of mind and financial security, especially for check-in-related concerns. Read more in terms and conditions.

If you refer to the confirmation email you received on the day of purchase, you’ll find detailed step-by-step instructions on completing your request, along with all the required evidence and documentation.

Checkin Hero provides £/$/€75 per guest per night affected for covered issues, up to the total value of the booking. Read more in terms and conditions.