Checkin Hero
Terms & Conditions

Here's everything you need to know about Checkin Hero Terms and Condition

These terms (as amended from time to time) govern the Checkin Hero services provided by Superhog Ltd (“Superhog”).  

Checkin Hero is designed to come to your rescue and to smooth over would-be hiccups in your planned trip. 

By purchasing Checkin Hero, you will be purchasing our service to verify the address of your booked Listing. If the address of the booked Listing is verified and approved, our team of trusted advisers will work to resolve any Check-In Issues you may encounter when arriving at the Property, subject to terms of this Agreement

If, despite our best efforts, we cannot resolve the matter, we will help to cover the costs of finding an alternative place to stay.

Checkin Hero is not an insurance policy. You will not be reimbursed for the total re-booking costs under Checkin Hero. Travel insurance should be purchased so that for those unexpected occurrences i.e. sudden illness, damaged luggage, you are financially protected.

For the avoidance of doubt, Checkin Hero is separate to any Damage Deposit and/or Damage Waiver and these terms should be read in conjunction with the terms of any other selected services.


1.1 When making a reservation at a Property, the Guest has the option to add Checkin Hero to their stay for a one-off fee. Checkin Hero cannot be added to a Booking after it has been made.

1.2 Upon purchasing Checkin Hero, the Guest will receive verification status for the address of their booked Listing. If the booked Listing address is verified and approved, the Guest shall be eligible for the benefit under the Checkin Hero. This includes reimbursement for any Check-In Issues, subject to the terms outlined in this agreement.

1.3 If the Guest encounters a Check-In Issue (as defined in clause 2.1) at the Property, the Guest should first contact the Host through the appropriate channels, such as in-app messaging, email, call. The Host will hopefully be able to resolve the matter for the Guest but if they are unable to reach the Host for any reason or the matter is not resolved within three (3) hours, the Guest should contact us as soon as possible. We will then review the issue and subject to the terms, confirm whether the Guest is covered by Checkin Hero.


“Check-In Issue” means the Property is either 1) inaccessible (e.g. you cannot enter the Property due to a faulty keybox, no key is provided etc.) or 2) has been inaccurately described in the Listing (e.g. the Property has a lower sleeping capacity than advertised, the hot water or heating does not work, etc.).

A Property is deemed inaccessible when:

  • the Host fails to provide the Guest with clear instructions; or
  • instructions have been provided by the Host but the Guest is unable to enter the Property. This could be for any number of reasons, such as someone is present in the Property, the keybox is broken, there is no key within the keybox, etc.

    An inaccurate description of a Property will include:
  • a lower sleeping capacity than declared in the Listing;
  • broken or seriously damaged key fixtures and fittings, such as a bed;
  • there is an unexpected animal or pet present at the Property not detailed in the Listing;
  • no electricity or functional lighting;
  • no running water;
  • no hot water;
  • no working refrigerator;
  • absence of functional cooking element such as an oven, stove, or microwave;
  • presence of pests;
  • non-functional sewage system;
  • no functional bathtub or shower;
  • significant leak or water damage;
  • the inability to secure the building for the guest’s safety;
  • unsafe electrical wiring with live wires exposed out of walls or ceilings;
  • soiled beds, significant mould on surfaces including but not limited to walls and carpets; and
  • overflowing, unemptied refuse bins.

2.1.3. This is not an exhaustive list but should be used as a guide. It does not include minor failings, such as a failed light bulb or a window which may be difficult to open.

2.1.4. Each Listing is unique. To safeguard Checkin Hero from any misuse, we will meticulously evaluate any Check-In Issues related to unique Listings including but not limited to camping, glamping, eco stays. The assessment will be based on the Check-In Issue raised and the description of the booked Listing to ascertain if the guest qualifies for reimbursement under Checkin Hero. Any violation of these terms or misuse of Checkin Hero will subject the guest to Clause 5.3 of this agreement.


3.1. If the Guest has not been able to contact the Host and/or the issue remains unresolved three (3) hours after the Guest sought to contact the Host, the Guest should take the following steps:

3.1.1. Document the Issue: the Guest should take photos or videos to evidence the serious Check-In Issue they have encountered.

3.1.2. Contact Superhog: the Guest must contact Superhog’s resolutions team within 24 hours of checking in to the Property and must not have stayed the night. Contact should be made via the designated link found in their Checkin Hero confirmation email.

3.1.3. Submission of evidence: through the designated link, the Guest shall submit for review all relevant evidence, including but not limited to communications between the Host and the Guest regarding the Check-In Issues, photographs or videos documenting the issue, and proof of booking for alternative accommodation.

3.1.4. Review of submission: Superhog’s resolution team will then review the evidence provided by the Guest to, amongst other things:

  • verify the legitimacy of the Check-In Issue;
  • liaise with the Host, as required; and
  • request any missing information, such as further evidence or additional information required.


4.1 For those Listings which are inaccessible and are inaccurately described, Superhog agrees to reimburse the Guest in the following manner:

4.1.1 The minimum reimbursement an affected Guest receives per night will be equivalent to the Minimum Reimbursement Value specified in the table below. Reimbursement will be made to each Guest affected per night, for a maximum of up to three (3) nights, or until the issue has been resolved, whichever is lower. Superhog will cover a maximum of £1500 or its equivalent currency per booking. Please note that the reimbursement will be made in the same currency as the one used for making the Booking.

Currency – Minimum reimbursement value per night

  • GBP  –  £75
  • USD  – $105
  • EUR  – €85
  • AUD  – AU$130
  • CAD  – CA$130
  • ZAR   –  ZAR 1500
  • CHF  – CHF 105
  • PLN  – PLN 390

4.2. In cases where a booking involves multiple Guests, we shall require evidence to confirm the presence of the specified number of affected guests. Only affected Guests are eligible to receive reimbursement under the Checkin Hero – any Guests who were part of the Booking but for some reason did not attend the Property will not be deemed eligible.

4.3. If the Guest is deemed ineligible under Checkin Hero for whatever reason (e.g. due to late reporting), no reimbursement will be made.



5.1. Superhog reserves the right to buyback Checkin Hero from the Guest at least 7 days before a scheduled check-in date. In the event of such buyback, Superhog will refund the one off Checkin hero fee in its entirety along with a 5% of the original booking cost.


5.2. To the extent Checkin Hero is purchased by an Agent or representative of a Guest, it is deemed to be purchased by the Guest and confirms their acceptance to its terms.


5.3. The Guest acknowledges that abuse of Checkin Hero or any terms relating to it will result in ineligibility to receive reimbursement and the Guest’s details may subsequently be held on the Watchlist.



The definitions and rules of interpretation which apply in this agreement:

Booking” means, a confirmed stay that has been registered with Superhog and involves an Approved Guest staying at a Host’s Listing;

Damage Deposit” means an agreement whereby an actual or virtual payment, up to an amount determined by a Host, is made by a Guest and held by Superhog to be used in the event of Property Damage;

Damage Waiver” means an agreement whereby a Guest’s liability for Property Damage in relation to a specific Booking is waived up to a specified amount, in return for a one-off, non-refundable payment;

Guest” means both the lead guest who makes a Booking and any accompanying occupants;

Guest Agreement” means the governing terms in place between the Guest, the Host and Superhog;

Host” means an Approved accommodation property advertiser who is advertising Approved Listings on a recognised STR Platform;

Listing” (also “Property”) means any residential property (including but not limited to campervans, boats, mobile homes, and any other impermanent structures), which a Host has the legal and/or contractual right to offer to Guests and which complies with Home Standards;

Property” see “Listing” definition;

Superhog”  means Superhog Limited and/or any Group Company. Superhog shall also mean and any other Superhog branded websites, web pages, mobile websites (collectively, the “Site”), and any mobile applications (the “App”) owned and or operated by Superhog;

Watchlist” means an internal Superhog-owned database of third parties that will not be given Approved status by Superhog based on the outcome of a Validation, intelligence and/or previous experience;