Vacation Rental Dispute Resolution

De-stress your hosting experience — delegate resolution of guest damage in vacation rentals to a team of vacation rental dispute resolution professionals.

Better Relations, More Time on Your Hands

Vacation rental dispute resolution taking all of your energy? Tired of chasing guests for small vacation rental disputes? Let our resolution team handle the damage resolution for you.

Prevent the unintentional damage in your properties

Spend more time on delivering a superb guest experience

Keep friendly relations with guests after dispute resolution

Experience the Superhog difference

Discover the future of guest and host accountability in the vacation rental industry.

Get Protected Against a Wide Range of Vacation Rental Disputes

Guests crashing the house at the party you never approved? Destroyed linens? Each guest damage in vacation rentals is unique and we help in a wide range of occasions. Our resolution experts will help you fix what’s broken, substitute what’s beyond repair in no time, and communicate with the guests if required.

When we protect

Stained linens Smeared towels
Unintentional guest damage
Unsolicited smoking damage
Unapproved party damage
Delivery expenses of replaced items

When we don’t protect

Cosmetic damage
Pet damage
Wear and tear
Management fees
Maintenance expenses
Approved party damage

Swift and stress-free dispute resolution

Use Know Your Guest for screening and protection

To get the most from Superhog’s resolution services, you should use the Know Your Guest verification feature to be eligible for the assistance of the resolution team.

Share the proof of guest damage

Send us the “before” and “after” pictures with timestamps, checks, and screenshots to prove the damage was done during the stay. Make sure you report the incident within 10 days after checkout.

Get your incident resolved quickly and efficiently

Our team will reach out to the host to support the case and liaise with the guest to obtain clear and comprehensive evidence of the incident.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we reimburse the delivery and the repair or replacement costs.

It depends on the host’s Terms and Conditions and the location of the listing. In some places, the wind can do great damage to the house.

In case of fire damage caused by guest negligence, we’d expect a fire report and further incident investigation.

Police report and that’s it + before and after listing + proof of purchase.

Superhog damage protection covers unintentional guest damage in vacation rentals and small damages in STR. Most home insurance companies don’t cover short-term stays. Unlike an insurance company, we minimise the chances of letting the bad guest with Know Your Guest screening and take over when the host reports damage.

If we make a cash settlement for lost or damaged items, we may make a deduction for wear and tear.

After we settle the amount we pay out for the damage, the payment is made within 3-5 working days of receiving bank details.

Only guests approved by Superhog are covered by the damage protection Guarantee.

You don’t have to address Airbnb or your insurance first. But if you already have, inform us so we can take any settlement from when we review the incident.

You can report the incident within 10 days of the end of the booking unless deposit return dates have been shortened as per at host’s request.

The images taken before and after the stay with timestamps are the easiest way to prove that the damage has been done by the guest. You can take them by yourself or by third-party service providers like cleaning service companies.

Submitting clear and comprehensive evidence plays a crucial role in verifying the nature and extent of the damage.

Photos showcasing the damage, repair estimates from qualified professionals, and communication records with the guest (where possible) all contribute to a swifter resolution.

As a rule, we cover the incidents as long as you report a damage incident within 10 days after the end of booking. We may also cover the damage if a host can provide proof that the damage happened during the stay.

To maximise protection and enhance the likelihood of recovering damage costs, we strongly recommend capturing images upon arrival and replicating the same shots during checkout. This should include both wide-view shots and close-ups of specific furnishings.

While not always feasible, implementing this practice whenever possible provides an added layer of protection for property owners. These images can be conveniently taken during the cleaning process before and after each booking.

Owning it? Not a problem: To help process your claim, we usually ask for the original purchase receipt as proof of ownership. But if you don’t have it, no worries! We can use photos, bank statements, or even links to similar items online to verify.

Each incident is unique but we always try and fix things that can be fixed and replace items that can’t be fixed. As a rule, we try and repair a damaged part of the floor instead of replacing it entirely.

No, we don’t cover wear and tear.

You don’t have to have insurance to use Superhog but we advise hosts to get their homes covered outside of the short-term rentals and for maintenance issues.

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