SUPERHOG is a global verification platform created to independently certify and verify all participants in the short-term rental sector, providing peace of mind and assurance that a person, property or company are who / what they claim to be. Membership of SUPERHOG and use of our verification tools that highlight risky or unverified users, enables all participants to avoid the devastating consequences of fraudsters, scammers and home wreckers.

Our approval certification is recognised by the home-sharing community worldwide. As well as utilising AI, predictive analysis and machine learning, we use a range of screening and verification tools to provide hosts, guests, property managers and rental platforms with the information and means to verify each other before they accept or make a booking.

For more information on how SUPERHOG can benefit you visit our pages FOR HOSTS and FOR GUESTS.

The Issue of Trust

Trust underpins the sharing community – guests have to trust that a host is legitimate and is being honest about their property, and hosts have to trust guests to look after their home / property. Current online reviews and ratings assist but are flawed. Research shows that people are more likely to leave no review following bad behaviour than to leave a bad review, and then there are also fake reviews, paid for reviews, back-scratching and account hacking.

Furthermore, each platform such as Airbnb, Booking.com etc. has their own review system, with no shared information. When bad behaviour is uncovered on one platform, the culprit can move on to another platform and no one on the next platform will be any the wiser.

SUPERHOG has been designed to beat and better existing review systems and with the ability to integrate into any marketplace, platform, PMS, property manager or tech-enabled business, it will prevent scammers and fraudsters from moving from platform to platform.

Who are we?

We are a team of passionate home-sharing, tech and insurance geeks. Combining our home-sharing and insurance expertise, we set up GUARDHOG Technologies in 2016 to provide insurance to the home-sharing community. From insuring millions of nights, we’ve learnt how to identify great hosts, guests and short-term rental businesses and have recognised that insurance (by itself) is not the solution to the problems in the industry – we need to prevent things from going wrong in the first place.

As a result, we launched SUPERHOG in 2019 to make the home-sharing community a safer place to participate in – to place trust at the centre of the community.

SUPERHOG is built using our teams expertise in insurance, technology, travel and data science. It’s backed by some of the world’s best insurance providers, is supported by world-class verification technology, and is designed to help the entire global vacation home rental space become a truly safe place to interact in.


Predict, Prevent, Protect

The SUPERHOG mission is to build a bridge of trust between users within the short stay industry. It is about combining different approaches, modern (tech) and traditional (insurance), to provide our customers with the ultimate 360-degree trust solution that predicts and prevents things from going wrong in the first place but offers protection on the rare occasion an accident does happen. By combining prediction and prevention with protection, we’re able to create a new world where insurance is secondary and bad events are avoided in the first place.


Whether you are going to stay in someone’s home or are having guests to stay in yours, getting the thumbs up from a third-party is a brilliant way of avoiding "stranger danger". That’s why we provide all SUPERHOG members with a secure, free, and easy to use online verification and screening tool, allowing our members to access all the information that is required to make better informed renting decisions. If someone you are looking to "share" with (as a guest or host) is not already registered on SUPERHOG, you can ask them to go through the verification process before accepting their booking.

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