What to do when something goes wrong

Upon becoming aware of an issue, please register the problem as soon as possible via our Resolutions centre in your Superhog account. See our report an incident page for more details.

Please try to notify us within 24 hours of the incident and no later than 10 days from the end of the booking. We will contact you as soon as possible (and always within 72 hours) to guide and support you through our resolutions process.

Actions to take regarding property damage during a booking

  • If necessary, emergency repairs should be carried out to limit further damage, loss or injury – for example securing your home or stopping a water leak

  • In all situations, please undertake a full check of your home and catalogue any damage that has occurred during that stay/booking

  • Photographs should be taken as soon as possible – panoramic room shots and close-ups of damage (these steps can be completed by you, your cleaner or the relevant third party)

  • Do not carry out any non-emergency repairs without checking with us first

  • Do not dispose of any damaged items – they may be needed for inspection

  • Do not admit or allow the admittance of any liability or offer a settlement/make any deal or offer

  • For malicious damage or theft – report the damage/loss to the police and obtain a crime reference number/report

Contact the guest

  • Contact the Guest to discuss any damage or injury with them, and try and find out the circumstances of the incident. Wherever possible it is helpful to keep a record of any such communication

  • Ask the Guest for a compensation payment towards the damage and if appropriate notify them of the potential retention of their deposit if applicable. If you feel uncomfortable doing so, then ask Superhog or your Property Manager to do this for you

Supporting information/evidence

  • Submit an incident report on our Resolutions centre – we love detail, so swamp us with as much as possible and include as much information as you can

  • Try to obtain at least 2 estimates for any repairs that needed to be carried out; estimates should be provided on company headed letters/emails

  • We may need you to provide proof of ownership, such as original purchase receipts. If you cannot provide proof of ownership, then we will just need to get the info in another way, such as photos or bank statements. We will also need the replacement cost and a link to a similar item online

  • We may ask to see evidence of underlying insurance for the property

Things to remember

  • Always keep a record (typically a report or photographs) of the property immediately before and after each booking; without this it can be hard to prove that damage happened during a booking

  • Make sure you contact us upon discovery of any damage or loss (no exceptions)

  • Repair is always going to be suggested unless replacement is a more cost-effective option

  • For carpets and flooring, we will only pay the cost of replacing the damaged area (not a reason to replace the whole floor!)

  • If we make a cash settlement for lost or damaged items, we may make a deduction for wear and tear.

  • We or our representative may require access to the property during the resolution process

This document is intended as a helpful guide but does not include Superhog's full terms and conditions which will always apply, and are available upon request.

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