10 Direct booking secrets OTAs don't want you to know

10 Direct Booking Secrets OTAs Don’t Want You to Know

Every short-term rental property management company or host needs a solid direct booking marketing strategy. But, how do you build your strategy in an OTA-driven industry? You need to know their secrets. 

OTAs and the large booking platforms (Airbnb, Vrbo, Booking.com) know how to target your guests! Whether it’s through building their branding and voice, website presence, to social media and TV advertising. These platform giants know how to drive traffic and convert lookers to bookers. 

So, if the OTAs are so dominant, why do you need to build your own direct booking strategy? 

Without direct bookings, you’re not only losing out on revenue and repeat guests, you’re also missing the opportunity to build your own brand. 

Remember, as a short-term rental host, you are not just an Airbnb host, you’re a CEO. In fact, many hosts have entered the industry to build a business; they want to build an enterprise and build the independence to be their own boss. This is the number one reason why you need to build a solid direct booking strategy. 

The secrets the OTAs don’t want you to know

The thing is, marketing your properties is a complex task. The short-term rental industry is extremely competitive – it takes a lot of trial and error to find the best tools, tactics and overall strategy to outrun your competitors.

However, there are a few things that every successful vacation rental direct booking marketing plan needs.

Above all, you need to find your way to your target audience and make sure they convert. And that’s what we’re here to help you with today.

Whether your goal is to boost direct bookings or drive as much revenue for your homeowners as possible, we’ve got tips to help you in our latest webinar.

Leo Walton, our VP of Growth is joined by Damian Sheridan, SEO Strategist and Founder of both Scale Rentals and The Book Direct Show 

They will be offering up top tips on how to get more bookings, strengthen your brand, scale your marketing efforts and drive revenue for your vacation rental business – all through direct bookings. 

Below is just a couple of topics they touched on. 

  • Your target audience: how to market to them and make sure they convert
  • Building your brand: making sure it stands out from the crowd
  • Email marketing: how to use it effectively to capture and increase repeat guests
  • Driving website traffic: through SEO, paid and organic social media marketing strategies

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Who is the webinar for?

The secrets the OTAs don’t want you to know webinar is for hosts and vacation rental property managers around the world who want insider marketing knowledge to take their business to the next level.

Whether you’re just starting to scale your business or have been operating dozens of properties for a while, you will learn something new.

If that sounds like you, why not check out our webinar here!

Don’t fall behind the competition by not knowing your niche. 

Start building your direct booking strategy today with Damian’s top tips and be confident that you don’t need to rely on the OTAs – whether that’s for your bookings, your guest screening or even booking protection. 

Know Your Guest will take care of your risk prevention so you can take care of your guests.

Speak to us today!

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