To do or taboo: price gouging in the vacation rental market

The line between ‘taboo’ and ‘to do’ is somewhat precarious when it comes to price gouging. There are two sides to the coin. As a guest, you’re asking yourself ‘can I afford to pay the price?’ – It’s an internal question posed as they scour the internet, seeking their next getaway. You know they’re looking […]

How to prevent website fraud in the vacation rental industry

Running a legitimate business with an online presence can be a daunting process. Especially when you wake up to the news of the next website scam. Yet, in today’s climate, can you really afford to be put off? Every day, travellers are flocking to the next best holiday deal. Whether that’s through booking direct on […]

Vacation rental revenue management: an introduction to the basics

This is a guest post by the team at Rented, who provide revenue management technology, tools, and services to help vacation rental managers optimize their portfolio of properties. Starting on a revenue management journey can be complex, so let’s start with the groundwork. Revenue management defined: “A strategy that uses data to predict consumer behaviour […]

Non-urban vacation rental trips: the rise of new destination types

This is a guest post from Jade Tinsley, Head of Marketing at Transparent. Throughout the global pandemic, the rise of non-urban vacation rental trips has been talked about as a potential trend to guide investment and operations. Transparent’s data illustrates the impact on different short-term rental destination types throughout the course of the industry’s recovery […]

Guest booking analysis and new consumer trends in the UK holiday rental market

This is a guest post from Kelly Odor, Marketing Director at Bookster. Bookster is one of the leading PMS’ offering an easy-to-use solution and dedicated service to property owners and managers in the holiday lettings industry. At Bookster, we have the opportunity to analyse guest bookings and understand new consumer trends in the holiday rental […]

Airbnb WiFi: setting up your network for guests

Airbnb WiFi speeds and internet access are arguably more important than running water for many of those who regularly use Airbnb. That makes it an essential feature and something no modern rental property should be without. So, what are your options? This is a guest post by Jamie Kavanagh, Contributor at Broadband Genie.  Broadband Genie is an […]

How to turn your house into a rental property paradise

This is a guest post by Agostina Chemello, Content Marketing Specialist at Porch, a platform that connects homeowners with high-quality home improvement professionals. Renting out your home to guests is an awesome way to meet new people, host travellers from all over the world, and boost your income. Whether you want to rent out your […]

Property management security: how to prevent fraud and minimise risk

This is a guest post by the team at Zeevou. Zeevou is a Property Management System and Channel Manager that automates your short term rental business. Preventing fraud and the use of stolen IDs or credit cards is a concern for any online business, and with no exception, for vacation rental businesses. Both the seller […]