How to Catch an Invisible Stealing Hand of Chargebacks

A guest has left your property after a good vacation. Now, you are preparing it for the next reservation. Suddenly, you get a notification from your phone. You think: “Great! That guest who left 2 days ago must have left a review!”  Instead of feeling proud from a 5-star review, you find out the guest […]

What is guest screening?

Know Your Guest by Superhog provides intelligent vacation rental guest screening with damage protection, but what exactly is guest screening? Guest screening is the process of proactively assessing the risk posed by each guest, through legal, non-discriminatory, and detailed checks. In the past, this was a heavily manual task, which involved a lot of time […]

Weighing up the new damage policy

When short-term rentals spring to mind, you’re either thinking from a host’s perspective or a guest’s. Popular online distribution sites such as and Airbnb act on behalf of both parties: without hosts, there’d be no properties to list, and without guests, there’d be no bookings, per see. So why, with the latest damage policy […]

Techsplained: an introduction to Superhog

Since 2007 (the birth of Airbnb), the vacation rental industry has been rapidly expanding in size and popularity not just within the US, but globally. With that, the need for trust and protection is now more important than ever. That’s where Superhog comes in. You want to know you’re safe, protected, and will have a […]

The importance of collecting a vacation rental security deposit

For property managers, the vacation rental security deposit can be both a saviour and a hindrance. When collecting a security deposit, you need to find the right balance between collecting the right amount to cover any damage caused by a guest, and not deterring that guest from making that all-important reservation with the security deposit […]

To do or taboo: price gouging in the vacation rental market

The line between ‘taboo’ and ‘to do’ is somewhat precarious when it comes to price gouging. There are two sides to the coin. As a guest, you’re asking yourself ‘can I afford to pay the price?’ – It’s an internal question posed as they scour the internet, seeking their next getaway. You know they’re looking […]

How to prevent website fraud in the vacation rental industry

Running a legitimate business with an online presence can be a daunting process. Especially when you wake up to the news of the next website scam. Yet, in today’s climate, can you really afford to be put off? Every day, travellers are flocking to the next best holiday deal. Whether that’s through booking direct on […]

Vacation rental fraud: the reality of the Airbnb Doll House

Since 2007, the hotel industry disruptor, Airbnb, has well and truly fragmented the vacation rental sector. Airbnb caught fire, turning heads in the sphere and growing into the platform we know today.  But with 6 million active listings worldwide and 4 million+ hosts and counting, how trustworthy can Airbnb truly be? How do they monitor […]

The importance of 3D Secure payments for vacation rentals

When it comes to protecting your property management business, every aspect of the booking journey needs some sort of safety measure in place. A booking begins when a guest goes to process the payment for their stay at your property, and this is a prime target for fraudulent activities. The type of fraud that we […]

How women are diversifying leadership in the vacation rental industry

What is bias? A bias is formed when a disproportionate weight in favour falls for or against a particular notion, object, or individual. This inclination is often closed-minded or unreasoned, which is why in society a bias typically has negative connotations attached in relation to gender, race, religion, and sexuality.  Did you know, everybody is […]