How to Use ChatGPT For Your Short-Term Rental Listing


Revolutionise your vacation rental business through AI. Check out vacation rental prompts you can try today including creating welcome messages. Even learn how you can use ChatGPT to ask guests for reviews on Google by exploring how ChatGPT prompts work.

Vacation and Short-Term Rental Titans: TravelStaytion

Check out the latest episode of Vacation and Short-Term Rental Titans with special guest Jason Anastasinis and your podcast host, Leo Walton, Co-Founder and VP of Growth at Know Your Guest by Superhog.

We deep dive into TravelStaytion and their unique vacation rental platform for property managers and guests.

A transcription overview is also available.

Know Your Guest for the Short-Term Rental and Hospitality Industry

Know Your Guest follows a similar standard of risk management as the Know Your Customer global financial guidelines, ensuring hosts and property managers in the short-term rental and hospitality industry can verify their guests and assess the risk level of every reservation.