What Keeps STR Hosts and Managers Up at Night?

Vacation rental hosts and managers reveal the challenges costing them sleep in this year’s State of Short Term Rental Industry Study. The 2024 study based on a survey of over 4,000 hosts and managers lifts the lid on some of the industry’s burning issues. This year’s study was organised by Rent Responsibly and the College […]

How to Boost Security in Direct Bookings: Tools and Best Practices

Do we always have to trade security for higher revenue? Or, let’s put it this way, is it possible to have the same level of security in direct booking as in OTAs? The answer is a decisive “Yes!”. There’s already a myriad of solutions and best practices to help you match the security provided by […]

New Vacation Rental Partnership Boosts Direct Booking Security

At Superhog, we’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Houfy, a leading platform for direct vacation rental bookings. This collaboration is set to transform how hosts and property managers ensure the safety and security of their properties and guests through seamless guest screening. Boosting confidence with direct bookings In today’s vacation rental market, the assurance […]

Burnout in Vacation Rentals: Is it time to quit?

Burnout in Vacation Rentals

As a host or property manager, you are always ‘on’, 24-7, 365 days per year – and if you’re not well prepared or don’t have the right support, you could be vulnerable to burnout in vacation rentals, a phenomenon which is often over-looked and not openly discussed. In this post, we talk to several vacation […]

San Diego Short-Term Rentals Law – Impact of the ‘23 Regulations’

San Diego Short term rental rules Paul Becker

Paul Becker, founder of Blue Water Vacation Homes and member of the San Diego Short-Term Rental Alliance, discusses the impact of the San Diego short-term rentals law on hosts and managers, following the implementation of regulations in May 2023, especially in prime STR areas such as Mission Beach. This post forms part of Superhog’s STR […]

Investing in Vacation Rentals – Quality Over Quantity for Bigger Profits

When it comes to investing in vacation rentals, Ben Earley, Co-founder and CEO of the multi-national hospitality brand, Holt, applies the same principles he used when he built profitable portfolios for clients in his previous life as a hedge fund manager. In this post, the seasoned investor who created a successful portfolio of upscale vacation […]

How to Scale a Short Term Rental Business: Tips from a Seasoned COO

How to Scale STR Business

Learning how to scale a short term rental business is a complex task that requires a blend of expertise and strategic foresight. Cody Wood, COO of STR Recommendations in Texas, built a thriving STR business that spans the US. Watch our interview with Cody Wood and read his success story. Smart scaling Cody’s journey began […]

New Rules for Holiday Lets in the UK and What to do Next

UK holiday lets rules

The UK’s vacation rental landscape is gearing up for a significant regulatory makeover that could reshape how holiday lets operate across the country. Merilee Karr, former chairperson of the Short-term Rental Accommodation Association (STAA) and CEO of Under the Doormat Group, offers invaluable insights into the proposed new rules for holiday lets. Here’s an in-depth […]

Are short term rentals profitable? – Yes, here’s how to cash in

The big question on every vacation rental owner’s mind with market saturation, economic uncertainties, and new regulations is: Are short term rentals profitable? And if they are, what’s the secret to making your vacation rental business thrive? John de Roulet, Director of Revenue Management at Wheelhouse, and a key player at RevProf, a groundbreaking non-profit […]