How to Boost Security in Direct Bookings: Tools and Best Practices

Do we always have to trade security for higher revenue? Or, let’s put it this way, is it possible to have the same level of security in direct booking as in OTAs? The answer is a decisive “Yes!”. There’s already a myriad of solutions and best practices to help you match the security provided by OTAs in your direct bookings. Sit comfortably and learn how to minimise the risks and ensure high security in direct bookings.

Pre-check-in security: guest screening with Superhog’s Know Your Guest

The foundation of a secure booking process starts with verifying the identity of your guests. This can be quite challenging: people use burner phones, temporary emails, and fake or stolen IDs. Many short term rental (STR) owners are not concerned about verifying guest identity, as they rely on background checks, Airbnb background checks and Vrbo background checks.

What most people don’t realize is that these checks aren’t always as comprehensive, that’s why professional tools are essential for conducting thorough STR guest screening in multi-properties.

Superhog’s Know Your Guest (KYG) platform offers a comprehensive solution for managing guest-related risks before check-in, ensuring you know exactly who is staying at your property.

Guest screening Superhog’s vacation rental guest screening technology verifies guest details in real-time against multiple authoritative databases, including phone numbers, email addresses, linked online profiles, and the US sex offender register. This process ensures that only legitimate guests are granted access to your property, reducing the risk of fraudulent bookings and problematic guests.

ID capture KYG’s ID capture feature further enhances security by verifying the true identity of guests. After a booking is confirmed, guests are required to complete an online verification process, which includes inputting personal information, agreeing to a guest agreement, and uploading a photo of their government ID or passport along with a real-time selfie.

This multi-step verification process helps keep bad actors out and provides peace of mind for property managers. Some have even turned Superhog’s safety and security features into one of their strongest selling points.

During the stay: Real-time monitoring with Alertify

Once guests have checked in, maintaining security throughout their stay is crucial. Due to Airbnb’s new policy on security cameras, not just any tool can be used. This is where privacy-friendly, real-time monitoring devices like Alertify come into play, ensuring security without compromising guest privacy to prevent guest damage in vacation rentals.

Noise, Air Quality, and Smoking Monitoring Alertify’s devices monitor noise levels, air quality, and detect smoking in real-time. These devices send instant notifications to property managers if any violations occur, enabling quick intervention to prevent further issues and ensure compliance with property rules and local regulations.

Real-life case study: A short-term rental apartment block located in Washington frequently experienced incidents of smoking and loud, disruptive conversations within their units. After installing Alertify, these smoke and noise incidents decreased by 40% within a six-month period. More importantly, management was able to implement protocols to intervene quickly when violations occurred.

After-Incident Reports In addition to real-time monitoring, this noise, air quality and smoking monitor provides comprehensive after-incident reports. These reports document any violations that occur during a guest’s stay, including detailed data and timestamps. Such documentation is invaluable for resolving disputes and supporting claims for damages.

Real-life case study: An Airbnb owner renting out a mansion in the Midwest frequently received complaints from neighbours about disruptive parties hosted by guests, despite Airbnb’s party ban. Although she could see the aftermath, she lacked concrete evidence to prove the occurrences.

After implementing Alertify, she received immediate notifications whenever the property became too loud or overcrowded. Alertify’s detailed incident reports provided crucial evidence for insurance claims, allowing her to cover breakages and cleaning costs. This ensured that she could continue running her Airbnb smoothly and profitably. 

Post-stay: Utilizing Alertify reports with Superhog’s protection plans

After a guest checks out, managing and resolving any incidents that occurred during their stay is crucial. Alertify’s after-incident reports play a key role in this process, particularly when dealing with damage claims.

Claiming from Superhog’s Damage Waiver, Deposit, or Protection Plan

  • Evidence Submission: If a guest causes damage, Alertify’s detailed reports provide the necessary evidence to support your claims. This includes comprehensive data logs and specifics about the violation.
  • Streamlined Resolution: These reports facilitate a smoother claims process with Superhog’s resolution team, ensuring that incidents are resolved efficiently and you receive the appropriate compensation.
  • Dispute Prevention: Clear, factual evidence from Alertify’s reports helps prevent disputes with guests, maintain a positive relationship and protect your online reputation.

Best practices for secure direct bookings

  1. Implement Comprehensive Guest Screening: Use tools like Superhog’s Know Your Guest to conduct thorough guest screening before guests check-in. This includes verifying personal details and conducting background checks.
  2. Monitor During the Stay: Equip your properties with real-time smoke and noise monitoring devices like Alertify to track noise levels, air quality, and smoking. These devices provide instant notifications of any violations.
  3. Document Incidents: Ensure that any incidents or violations are thoroughly documented with detailed reports. This documentation is crucial for resolving disputes and claiming damages.

Utilize Protection Plans: Take advantage of damage protection plans like those offered by Superhog to safeguard your properties against financial losses from guest damages.

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Ensuring security in direct bookings is a multi-faceted process that requires a combination of thorough guest screening, real-time monitoring, and effective incident management.

By implementing best practices and utilizing innovative tools like Superhog’s Know Your Guest and Alertify, property managers can enhance guest safety, protect their properties, and create a seamless, secure experience for both themselves and their guests.

Embrace these strategies to maximize the benefits of direct bookings while minimizing risks and maintaining a high standard of service.

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