How to Use ChatGPT For Your Short-Term Rental Listing

Looking to optimise your short-term rental listing? Explore how using ChatGPT can help revolutionise your vacation rental business through AI, making it easier to generate actionable solutions to everyday challenges you may face, including SEO, guest messaging and content formatting.

Having been a much-discussed topic of conversation during recent industry events, leveraging AI (artificial intelligence) to your advantage is a surefire way to build a strong and successful online presence as a vacation rental business. 

Now, it is easier and more accessible for property managers to optimise content thanks to Open AI launching ChatGPT.

But what exactly is ChatGPT and how do you use it for your short-term rental listings?

In this article, we’ll discuss:

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a chat-bot style interaction that generates human-like texts and responses to prompts. The state-of-the-art language model allows you to simply provide a prompt, to which it will respond using helpful and relevant conversational data it has pre-learned and been trained on. 

For example, as a property manager, you could ask ChatGPT:

  • Generate a description for my short-term rental property
  • How to respond to guest reviews of my vacation rental 
  • Give me an outline for a blog post: Best welcome gift ideas for your Airbnb guests

Tip: Avoid vague prompts when using AI for messaging and content. Instead, tailor your prompts to your business to receive more relevant and helpful responses. 

Let’s break this down.

Example 1

‘Generate a description for my short-term rental property’

ChatGPT Simple Output

As you can see, ChatGPT has generated a response to your prompt and provided a description of a short-term rental property. However, by not providing details of your property, the response can be far from accurate. 

What if your listing is a remote cabin? ‘Nestled in a charming neighbourhood’ doesn’t quite fit the bill.

Example 2

By including extra details within your prompt, ChatGPT can generate a response more fitting to your business needs.

‘Generate a short-term rental listing description for my 1-bed cabin that sleeps 2 with a hot tub amenity’

ChatGPT Example with Greater Detail

The more details you add, the more relevant the ChatGPT output.

Benefits and limitations of using ChatGPT for short-term rentals

While artificial intelligence can be a beneficial tool when creating content, as with all technology,  there are also limitations that should be addressed. 

The benefits of using ChatGPT 

  • Saves time: Whether it’s forming ideas or writing blog content, ChatGPT can generate vacation rental content in a fraction of the time it can take to create it manually. This allows you to refocus your time on other areas of your operations, including managing reservations or even scaling your business. 
  • Improves content quality: Due to the vast data training and fine-tuning on a large corpus of text from the internet, ChatGPT can generate high-quality content that is great for SEO and interesting to readers too, so you can compete against your competitors and attract more guests to your rental listing.
  • Automated customer support: ChatGPT can be programmed to assist with booking inquiries and provide immediate responses to customer queries in a chat-bot conversation style 24/7. It can also handle a large volume of inquiries in a multitude of languages, making it a great assistive tool when communicating with guests. 

The limitations of using ChatGPT

  • Potential for error: As with all technology that is continuously learning, there is a risk that ChatGPT may generate incorrect responses.
  • The need for human oversight: Due to the potential for error, ChatGPT responses should be monitored and double-checked before implementation.
  • Biased answers: ChatGPT is fuelled by data created by humans and on occasion, responses to prompts may fall into biases of any kind. There are certain limits set in place to try and reduce these possibilities.

Tip: Remember, emotive language and the ‘human touch’ complement the guest experience and should not be solely dismissed in favour of AI. Merry together your tools and resources for content that is efficient and effective.

ChatGPT prompts for creating content for your short-term rental business

Not sure how to proposition your short-term rental on your direct booking website or even the OTAs?  Ask ChatGPT. 

We’ve put together a list of useful prompts you can use to help create content for your vacation rentals and boost your business efficiency today.

Tip: Remember to use human oversight before implementing ChatGPT responses into your content, as the information may not be 100% accurate. We suggest using ChatGPT as a helpful resource. 

Create personalised welcome messages for your guests

Example prompt:

Write a welcome message for my short-term rental guests that are a family of 4, with children aged 5 and 2. They are also bringing their pet dog with them and looking for popular local restaurants. 


Tip: Why not try adding your link to your short-term rental property for an even more tailored response?

Research relevant SEO content for your readers

Example prompt 1:

Give me an outline for a blog post: Best welcome gift ideas for your Airbnb guests


ChatGPT for Airbnb guests blog content

Example prompt 2:

Take the topic “Summer and Vacation Rentals” and brainstorm a list of articles based on popular search terms and long tail variations that are likely to be easy to rank for on Google. Present the results in a table including the proposed article title, the target keyword and the popularity level of the keyword between 1 and 100.


ChatGPT for SEO Research

Tip: Add your short-term rental listing location into your prompts for geographic content suggestions.

Create post-stay feedback emails to help ask for reviews for your short-term rental listing

Example prompt

Create the subject line and copy for an email that we want to send to guests.  Explain step by step how to leave a review on Google for our short-term rental listing and politely ask them to send us private feedback if something can be improved by replying directly to this message.


Output for post stay feedback

Getting started with ChatGPT for your short-term rental listing

Head to Open AI and create an account. You will need to verify your phone number to proceed. Then you can log in and begin your conversation with ChatGPT.

ChatGPT Alternatives

There are many AI chatbot alternatives to ChatGPT, it all just depends on your needs. 

Here are just a few alternatives (free and paid):

Tip: If you’re a non-native English speaker looking to improve your use of language for guest communications and messaging, then you will benefit from Elsa Speak as a ChatGPT alternative.

Now that you’ve got your short-term rental listing description nailed with the help of ChatGPT, ensure you’ve got an effective risk management strategy in place to protect your homes from guest-related risks. Get in touch with Know Your Guest below.

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