How to make sure you’re protected from Coronavirus holiday scams

As travel restrictions begin to be lifted in the UK and abroad, we know what you’re thinking: I need to book a holiday and get away from all this for a bit.

Whilst we’re also clamouring for a holiday this year, there are obviously problems that could easily arise from the current situation.

As Action Fraud reports, people must be wary when booking holiday rentals, due to scammers taking advantage of restrictions being lifted in order to steal from potential holiday seekers.

Holiday rental fraud is a real problem and one that can cause huge financial loss, as well as cause huge amounts of mental damage.

Unfortunately, 1 in 50 rental properties is fake, with Action Fraud reporting that British tourists lost around £6.7 million due to holiday rental fraud schemes in 2017, with accommodation booking accounting for 38% of cases that were reported.

This number could in fact be even larger than reported, as not all victims report incidents, due to a number of reasons ranging from embarrassment to simply not knowing who to report it to.

How becoming a Superhog member can give you that extra peace of mind

A holiday is meant to be exactly what it says on the tin. It’s reserved for you to unwind and relax, rather than worry about deposits or being reeled into booking a fake holiday rental.

Superhog was created in order to give guests that extra peace of mind and allow them to enjoy their holidays the way they should, waving goodbye to stressful deposits and shutting the door on potential fraudsters for good.

We’ve developed technology to keep all guests in the short-term rental sector 100% safe and make holiday rental fraud a problem of the past and not the future.

By becoming a Superhog member, you will be joining a community of trusted and vetted members whose properties and profiles have all been independently reviewed and approved as being credible and most importantly real.

You’re then backed by our guarantees and if something does somehow manage to slip through the cracks then we’ll have Plan B ready for you, so you don’t have to worry about finding a property after a late landing at 1 AM.

Preventing holiday rental fraud from happening in the first place

Take Five has lots of information about how to spot potential scammers and how to prevent you from becoming a victim of holiday rental fraud.

Speak to us today!

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