Summer 2020: the rise of the staycation nation

Holidays overseas might usually be your go-to in the summer, but it’s fair to say that the idea of going abroad may not be on a lot of people’s radar at this moment in time.

The confusion about where you can and can’t go, along with the amount of time that you might have to spend in quarantine when you arrive somewhere, has definitely made people rethink how to spend their holidays this year.

Fear not. This beautiful island that we call home (and you might have never thought about it like this before) is actually a great place to explore and make amazing memories, even in these dark times.

Even if you are a sun lounge craving sunshine-aholic, there is definitely somewhere for you to get your fix, with technology and clever design making additions to holiday homes that bring nature closer to you (such as retractable glass walls) so you can feel like your outside even when the weather that we know so well here, takes a turn for the worse.

With the ability to travel on holiday to Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and Wales from the middle of July, it’s safe to say there is a plethora of choices for holiday seekers this summer. The reopening of pubs adds extra cause for celebration!

Lulworth Cove on a typical English summers day

But where to go this summer?

There are lots of amazing independent and professionally run properties out there, that are in breathtaking locations and are waiting to be explored. All you need to do is grab your car keys, your wellies and anorak (because British weather), the family, the dog and you’re set.

No need to show up at the airport 4 hours early and worry about who you’ve interacted with. Just book a place and you’re ready to go with all the thrills that come with setting off on holiday.

Although firing up Instagram can take you to some beautiful spots, other people are also doing the same and so this might not be the best source of information when deciding where to go.

The results of this can be seen when you look at the pictures that were taken at Lulworth Cove during the heatwave. Once a remote stretch of “private” beach, crawling with what looked like ants but were thousands of people – terrifying.

90% of the UK has not been built on, so there are some seriously beautiful locations all within reach for you to enjoy this summer. Of course, we all know about the National Parks and how amazing they are, but this is common knowledge and therefore the first place people will look to go to and for good reason.

For a few that are off the beaten path and far less popular but equally as outstanding and beautiful, visit to find your next adventure in one (or more, because you’ll get hooked) of the UK’s 46 areas of outstanding natural beauty. 

Not only does having a staycation this year provide a great holiday, but you’re also helping local businesses that rely on tourism to keep afloat during these tough times. Supporting local businesses is something that we should all be doing – especially now. 

The need for outdoor activities in order to keep social distancing rules and limit the spread of infection will help struggling rural businesses with glamp sites and caravanning holidays offering great locations and activities that can all be done outside (and don’t worry there are some very comfortable ones!)

So our advice?

Take advantage of 2,500 miles of National Trails or explore the National Cycle Network, because nothing solves lockdown blues like getting out and about and feeling the wind in your long lockdown hair on a beautiful part of the UK coastline or in a forest somewhere, where you will honestly have the time of your life. 

People enjoying the sunshine cycling next to a river

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