Summer season safety: how to protect your vacation rental

If you’re feeling the January blues, you’re not the only one: January is notorious for making you feel, well… blue!

The festive period you spent months gearing yourself up for is now well and truly over, the weather is cold and those New Year resolutions are starting to hit home. The summer season feels just out of reach and there seems to be no end in sight.

However, we’re here to tell you, travel is at the front of everyone’s agenda and your next Guest is already shopping for their summer vacation.

Reigniting the desire to travel

With borders reopening – again – 2022 travel is expected to generate nearly $2 trillion of the US economy, and with vacation rentals faring well during the pandemic, you may even find you’ll be faring over your competition when you decide to protect your property, and your bookings, this summer season.

With the demand for short-term rentals once again increasing back in October 2021 (12.2% higher compared with October 2019 and a significant 35.8% higher than in October 2020,) the burning desire for travel is real, with January and February being popular months for summer holiday bookings.

Goodbye blue January, hello sunshine!

Popular rental platforms such as, have already released their early 2022 deals following on from their 2022 global travel predictions.

Protecting your vacation rental as a Host for summer bookings

With the excitement of travel heating up, 72% of travellers are ready to jump in and ‘just say yes’ to travel opportunities in 2022. As a Host, you want to know you’re prepared for the summer season so you can just say YES too!

There are a few simple steps you can take to keep your personal belongings safe this Summer when renting out your home.

  1. Lock up your valuables
  2. Remove items that aren’t for Guests
  3. Redirect your mail to another address
  4. Introduce a damage deposit scheme

We can’t shout loud enough about the advantages of a damage deposit and how having one in place can help protect your vacation rental, as well as helping you handle bookings more safely.

Most importantly, the greater sense of responsibility and accountability that is then built within your Guests during their stay in your home, is the biggest advantage of collecting a damage deposit and one that should not be passed up when protecting your vacation rental.  

We know it can take time calculating your deposit amount and deciding on how to implement the policy/reimbursing the Guest after the stay, so why not automate the process in time for your summer season? 

Superhog provides a deposit toolkit for property managers, removing the administrative headache that comes with collecting and refunding a traditional deposit.


Invest in security

With January and February being hot months for travellers looking to secure their next rental for the summer season, renting out your home to strangers can be daunting, especially when the warm weather can lead to raucous parties! 

Investing in security now can prevent a serious headache in the future. 

Here’s how you can prepare your vacation rental for the summer season:

  1. Set out clear house rules for Guests
  2. Use a Guest screening solution like Superhog
  3. Provide keyless entry technology from providers like Operto
  4. Noise level solution products like NoiseAware, Minut and Partysquasher
  5. Home Insurance for short-term rentals, from providers like GUARDHOG
  6. An added layer of protection from Superhog‘s deposit/damage waiver

By investing in additional layers of protection, you’ll know you’re accepting bookings safely for 2022 and beyond. 

Even your Guests need reassurance when it comes to the safety and security of the property they are looking to book. 

Superhog can help build confidence in your bookings, by providing your business with an all-in-one contactless check-in solution that includes: Guest screening, damage protection and a damage deposit/waiver toolkit.

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Protecting yourself as a Guest when booking a rental this summer

By now, you’ve probably been scrolling through platforms – like Airbnb – looking for the best January deals for your summer booking.

Protection isn’t just for Hosts. It’s important to understand as a Guest, how you can protect yourself and transact safely in the short-term rental community this summer season.

Here’s what you can do to protect yourself as a Guest:

  1. Check local travel rules
  2. Research foreign travel advice
  3. Read reviews and check ratings of the property or Host*
  4. Always keep communications on the booking platform 
  5. Read and respect the house rules and make sure that you fully understand them

*Reviews don’t always reflect how trustworthy a Host is.

Finding what’s right for you

Whether you’re a Host or Guest, booking a vacation rental safely this summer season should be your number one priority.

By implementing the right security measures and finding what is right for you or your business, you can rest assured the hosting process will be smoother, bookings will be better, but most importantly, you will have confidence knowing you’re transacting safely in the vacation rental industry.

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