Who does the best guest screening: Airbnb, Vrbo, or Booking?

Listing on major OTAs will boost your bookings and income. But, these channels also present a security risk for property managers. The screening processes of Airbnb, Vrbo, and Booking.com are far from adequate and property managers can be vulnerable to damage, fraud, and complaints from neighbours. In this article, we’ll explain the screening policies of […]

Does Vrbo Do Background Checks on Guests?


Vrbo is one of the world’s top vacation rental booking channels. Around 15.9 million travellers used the site in 2022, generating $2.7 billion in revenue. There’s no doubt listing your properties on Vrbo is a great way to maximise bookings! But does Vrbo run background checks on guests? The short answer is not to the […]

What is guest screening?

Know Your Guest by Superhog provides intelligent vacation rental guest screening with damage protection, but what exactly is guest screening? Guest screening is the process of proactively assessing the risk posed by each guest, through legal, non-discriminatory, and detailed checks. In the past, this was a heavily manual task, which involved a lot of time […]

Guest screening for vacation rentals: an expert’s guide

For short-term and vacation rental hosts, guest screening is one of the key components to responsible and successful hosting.  A lot of vacation rental hosts and property managers see guest screening as an intimidating and time-consuming process, that can lead to fewer bookings, lower revenue, high overhead costs, and an administrative headache when it comes […]