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Damage Deposit Terms

We provide Damage Deposit management services to many Hosts and Guests. This means that we are responsible for the collection, holding and repayment (where appropriate) of a Damage Deposit from Guests, on behalf of their Hosts.

The Damage Deposit will be held as a bond against the cost related to Property Damage that may be caused during Your Booking. In some cases, the Host may provide alternative options to the Damage Deposit, for example, a Damage Waiver.

Where the payment of a Damage Deposit is required for a Booking, details of the required deposit amount will be clearly stated within the property listing details. A non-refundable administration fee will be payable in relation to the taking of a Damage Deposit, the details of which will be made clear before You make any payment.

Collecting Damage Deposits

All Damage Deposit payments will be taken against the payment card details that you have provided to us. The stated Damage Deposit amount will be taken 14 days before your check-in date, or immediately if the check-in date is less than 14 days from the point of making the booking.

The Payment will be collected in the stated currency and you will receive a receipt to the email address you have provided for the Booking to confirm payment of the Damage Deposit (and any associated fees) within 24 hours of the payment being taken.

Please ensure that you have sufficient funds to make payments when they are due and that your payment card will remain valid for at least 30 days after the scheduled Check-Out of your Booking to avoid payment failures.

Returning Damage Deposits

Unless We have been notified by a Host of Property Damage that has been caused during a Booking, we will release the Damage Deposit back to You 14 days after the scheduled Check-Out of Your Booking.

If We have been notified of potential Property Damage during a Booking, We reserve the right to retain the deposit until an investigation into Property Damage has been completed. Where appropriate, We will retain some or all of the Damage Deposit to meet Your liability for Property Damage. You have agreed through the Guest Agreement that You are liable for the cost of all Property Damage, and any retention against your Damage Deposit does not remove or reduce this liability

Any Damage Deposit refund that is due will be repaid to the payment card details which You provided to make the original payment. Please note that although the funds will typically show in Your account after 3-5 days, this is dependent on Your banking/payment provider and it can take up to 10 working days.

Failed Payments

If You fail to make the stated Damage Deposit and administration payments in full, You may not be allowed access to the Property You have booked, Your booking may be cancelled by the Host, and they reserve the right to retain the full booking amount.

We will notify You if any payment fails including providing details of when We will attempt to take the payment again. We reserve the right to charge a fee of £5 (or equivalent in the relevant payment currency) in relation to any failed payment.

Administration Fees

We will collect an administration fee in relation to Your Damage Deposit at the point of providing payment details for Your Damage Deposit. This payment will normally be taken from Your bank account within 24 hours of providing payment details to Us.

All administration fees are non-refundable once the Damage Deposit payment has been set up.

Please note that the administration fee and Damage Deposit will be taken as separate payments, so You will see 2 separate transactions to “Superhog” within Your bank account.

Banking and Currency Exchange Related Fees

All payments will be charged and taken in the currency which is stated at the point of payment. You are responsible for ensuring that payments of the correct value are made and are responsible for any fees that Your bank or payment card provider may impose in relation to the payment, including any financial currency exchange-related fees.

Please be aware that if You make Your payment from an account or payment card which has a base currency different to that in which the payment is due, Your bank may subtract their fees from any Damage Deposit which is refunded to You by Us. You are responsible for any such shortfall or fees as We will always make any payment due to You in the currency which was stated at the time of payment.

Terms & Conditions

1. The details and terms set out in this here form part of and (once the Guest has accepted them and made the Damage Deposit payment for the Booking in question) are an amendment to the Guest Agreement.

2. The amount of any Damage Deposit is set by the Host for Your Booking and Hosts may provide alternative options

3. Words and phrases used in these additional terms have the meaning given to them in the SUPERHOG Terms unless defined differently in these additional terms.

4. Unless a SUPERHOG Member, the Damage Deposit and any fees will be taken at the same time as Booking Validation. Existing SUPERHOG Members may not require to pay a Damage Deposit. 

5. The Guest agrees that SUPERHOG may retain some or all of a Damage Deposit in relation to the cost of Property Damage caused during a Booking. SUPERHOG will notify You in all cases of any such retention, as well as any additional costs for which You are liable under the Guest Agreement.