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Superhog – Technology made with trust. We focus on providing best-in-class SaaS products for the vacation rental industry through cutting-edge technology, and data-driven solutions that effectively minimise risk-taking for OTAs, Property Managers, Hosts and Guests.

Superhog is registered with the ICO under registration number ZA518818. Find out more about Superhog here.

Although we do not have a direct partnership with Airbnb, Superhog works closely with other providers that do, such as Guesty, Hostfully, Hostaway and Enso Connect.

Through our partnerships with these companies, Airbnb hosts are able to use Superhog’s solutions as per Airbnb’s own guidelines.

You can visit our contact page here, this will help direct you towards the right team that can support you with your query.

If you are a PMS, OTA or Airbnb-style platform looking to integrate with Superhog, you can request a partnership with us here. If you are a property manager or host, you can book a demo with one of our experts to see how Superhog’s product, Know Your Guest, can work for you.

Yes. Superhog’s technology offers API integrations that allow hosts and property managers to use Superhog’s product (Know Your Guest and its various solutions) on Airbnb’s platform through Airbnb’s offline fees feature, as stated in their own guidelines.

Superhog is headquartered in the United Kingdom and Barcelona and operates globally with employees based worldwide, including California, Texas, Australia, Asia and Europe.

SaaS stands for Software as a Service. Superhog is a SaaS company for the vacation rental industry.

Superhog follows a strict privacy policy, complies with GDPR and other data handling policies. You can read our privacy and data protection policy here.

Superhog is a technology company that has developed the product Know Your Guest.

Superhog offers property managers and hosts a reliable method for securing both security deposits and damage waivers. This safeguards against potential property damage or any issues that might arise during a guest’s stay, promoting a worry-free experience for all parties involved.

A damage waiver is a fee paid by a guest to a host. It waives the guest from financial responsibility up to a certain amount (set by your host) for accidental damage caused during a stay to a property.

Superhog allows hosts to request either a damage waiver or deposit from their their guests. Damage waivers are offered as an alternative to a traditional security deposit and requires a guest to pay a smaller non-refundable fee, but offers the same protection as a standard security deposit.