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Using damage protection to create a JTR-compliant booking engine for official travels

January 20, 2021 | Texas, USA
At Ease Case
Based in Texas, At Ease Rental Corporation was created when the U.S. military ordered Marine Corps Officer, Anthony J. Gantt Jr. to move in May 2018.

Anthony was determined not to cram his family of eight into a hotel room while they waited for permanent housing as they had in previous moves.

Instead (for the cost of a single hotel room) Anthony, his wife Novia and his 6 children rented a spacious five-bedroom home listed on one of the leading short-term/vacation rental booking sites.

The problem occurred when Anthony submitted receipts and was notified that, for the first time, he was not going to receive reimbursement for temporary lodging expenses.

He discovered that the Joint Travel Regulation (JTR) prohibits the use of short-term/vacation rental booking sites for official travel. When asked, he was told this was because there was no way for the US Government to ensure the safety, security, and efficacy of properties listed on those sites.

That’s where At Ease was born: a JTR-compliant booking engine that makes it possible for federal employees and active-duty military to find affordable short-term rentals for PCS moves and temporary duty travel.

Challenges – adding extra layer of security for STR

At Ease chose to work with Superhog because they were impressed by our focus on bringing new and innovative thinking to the short-term accommodation industry.

Superhog’s commitment to ensuring the safety & security of both the manager & the guest made the decision a lot easier for At Ease when deciding on the partnership.

As a company that is defined by the standards they require, the safety & security of At Ease’s guests is paramount and always comes first.

That means ensuring their property managers, owners and hosts who use the At Ease platform are appropriately protected. Superhog gives these members that protection and more.

What are the benefits of Know-Your-Guest features?

There isn’t a potential host that doesn’t ask about the protection against damage that is provided for listing with At Ease.

Working with Superhog provides the foundational services and products for At Ease’s clients to know that they are going to be taken care of every step of the way.

It is a joy to work with the Superhog team.

As true partners, Superhog stays engaged and take the time to learn about At Ease’s business and continue to look for new & innovative ways to build out the partnership. At Ease is excited and looking forward to the future with Superhog.

Only welcome the guests you really want!

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