ID Verification: Taking Frustration out of Equation

Saving time with slick ID Verification for luxury properties in the heart of London.

July 1, 2020 | UK, London
Pippa & Benoit
Founded in 2017, Pippa & Benoit was created as a luxury property management business for properties based in the centre of London.

The properties they manage are all immaculate, and Pippa & Benoit pride themselves on the properties feeling like a home away from home that also have the five-star service that would usually be reserved for the finest hotels in the capital.

From spacious new-build apartments to elegant Georgian townhouses, Pippa & Benoit has the perfect luxury home in the centre of London’s most sought-after boroughs.

“I love Superhog because it gives me peace of mind with the guest verification, GDPR compliance, and extensive coverage.”

Challenges – being GDPR-compliant and wasting time checking manually

A massive concern for all serviced apartment operators is receiving and processing a booking, only to find out at the end of the stay, that the guest has damaged the property and the operator is now receiving chargebacks in order to cover the damage.

Pippa & Benoit had a system for ID verification, but it had several labour intensive steps and guests often queried if the process was GDPR compliant.

This meant a lot of back and forth with guests, which was not only time consuming but frustrating as it was drawing them into heavy admin processing instead of building and focusing on other key areas of the business.

Solution - Use ID Verification Automation

Pippa & Benoit found us here at Superhog and became members. Our tech brilliantly combined ID verification, Global guest record, GDPR compliance and SA insurance into a 1 stop shop solution which can be shared by simply sending your guests a verification link in one simple URL to follow.

A partnership with us made sense because of the luxury nature of the properties that Pippa & Benoit offer, and the commitment that they have to the home owners that they manage the properties on behalf of, to keep them safe. This is what Superhog provides by verifying potential guests.

By becoming Superhog members, Pippa & Benoit now have certainty of and confidence in guests with an excellent guarantee that they can rely on if things do go wrong.

Both give them peace of mind and allow them to focus on building their business with the support of a supplier who created the product they need with a smart tech solution.

Run automated ID checks on every guest for ultimate security.

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