Get your small guest damages refunded

Losing time and money on guest damages? Delegate the chase to Superhog and get minor damage reimbursed in no time!


Save money on minor damages and time chasing your guests

We’ll look closely at your short-term rental business to understand your needs. Then, we’ll share our findings in a 15-minute video call, pointing out key areas for better risk management and giving personalised advice.

Before we begin, we’ll ask a few quick questions to get to know your business better and customise our advice.

1. Report an incident

2. Send image with timestamp

3. We pay for the damage

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Thousands of property managers and hosts around the world are using Superhog to de-stress their work routines.

get damage waiver

Damage deposits redefined

Not all property damage is preventable, but the hassle of chasing guests for damage-related payouts can be.

Our damage waiver:

✓ Is less hassle than a traditional security deposit

✓  Removes disputes with guests and bad reviews

✓ Is available to property managers of all sized portfolios, whether you have 1 property or 500+

✓ Creates greater guest experience – if something does go wrong, they know it’s been sorted ahead of time

✓ Encourages guests to be more responsible

Secure your listings with damage waiver today!

Superhog Account Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Damage Waiver is putting the money in your hands to choose where the money goes, whether it be updating wear and tear or cleaning the rug. Please note that theft and malicious damage are not covered by our Damage Waiver. If you have purchased our Damage Protection add-on, which includes our Host Guarantee, this will protect you from these instances.

We take a small percentage of the fee to cover our administrative costs for damage waiver facilitation.

Our Damage Waiver solution offers revenue-earning potential to property managers with 50+ properties. The additional revenue you make will depend on the waiver amount you set, the number of bookings you take and whether or not accidental damage occurs.

Yes, you do. The Damage Waiver works best when combined with our guest check softwares Intelligent Guest Screening or ID Capture.