Vacation and Short-Term Rental Titans: TravelStaytion

In the latest episode of Vacation and Short-Term Rental Titans, we deep dive into TravelStaytion. We speak with special guest, Jason Anastasinis about their unique vacation rental platform for property managers and guests.

Podcast host: Leo Walton, Co-Founder and VP of Growth at Know Your Guest by Superhog.

Special guest: Jason Anastasinis, Managing Director of TravelStaytion.

Full episode of Vacation and Short-Term Rental Titans with special guest Jason Anastasinis

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Leo: Welcome to the Titans podcast! The show for anyone who wants to learn more about the vacation rental industry and its leaders. Speaking of leaders, none more impressive than our guest, Jason Anastasinis. 

Jason, how are you?

Jason: I’m fine Leo, thank you for having me!

Leo: For anyone who doesn’t know, Jason is the managing director of TravelStaytion. Jason, can you tell us a little bit more about the business and its growth?

About TravelStaytion

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Jason: We started working on launching the platform and the tech in 2011 and were then in business from 2012. 

We started with a base in London and a tech team in Greece which offered market opportunities and a very talented pool of tech. 

Leo: Fantastic, I like that combination. So, how many people are you now as a group?

Jason: So we are 50 people now. The company started very small.

We have always had this view of professionalising the market, standardising the service, and creating quality standards by working with property professionals. We want to also provide the best service and consistent experience to the guest.

Leo: Let’s dig a little deeper into that. What is TravelStaytion offering to a short-term rental owner?

Jason: Our selling point to property managers and owners is that the platform is much more targeted and for property managers looking for a professional line including quality services like cover. Also, a safer and more consistent service overall.  

Our current focus is on our investment and how we can produce technology that is going to help them keep and maintain quality standards. They work for us and we work for them.

For our guests, we know they’re much more reliable and have bigger credibility because we do further KYC.

TravelStaytion partners with Know Your Guest

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Leo: It would be remiss of me not to mention the fact that we are partners. We provide TravelStaytion with all of our Know Your Guest technology.

What was the main motivation from your side to engage with our services and add them into your package?

Jason: That’s a great question. Know Your Guest by Superhog for us enabled us to provide safety to property managers and owners, and a smoother booking experience for guests.

By implementing and integrating with Superhog, owners can avoid a big hassle because they no longer need to focus on vetting guests, reports, and deposit handling. Instead, property managers can focus on other things, like acquiring more inventory.

With Superhog, it’s one process, which we are very keen on when we choose our partners.

Growing your inventory

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Leo: I like this idea that property professionals – the hosts and owners – you’re working with, can focus on growing their own inventory because you’re unshackling them from the day-to-day stresses and pressures, which ultimately brings you more revenue.

Jason: Exactly. For many years, I’ve had the point of view that you can’t just request more properties from property owners. You need to help them. You need to make it easier for them.

The industry market is changing and is more mature than just offering a local experience, so supply and travellers are requesting a more consistent and solid experience. 

That’s how we go the extra mile. We don’t just provide a marketplace for professionals, we help them be professionals with solutions on offer.

Vacation rental market changes

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Jason: The industry is a very dynamic place. It’s gone through a lot of changes and is no longer the cheap peer-to-peer spaces or rooms. It’s now a huge market. It’s a different mentality.

Leo: Property managers and hosts getting that mentality right has helped grow the segment to where it is today versus the hotels.

You’re right, the early adopters were less concerned about security and concierge services. Even people who wouldn’t have felt comfortable booking a vacation rental and would have been too nervous, have woken up to the industry. 

Trust is a two-way street. You have to try and create a trusted journey in your booking process. Whether it’s through OTAs, new direct booking websites or third parties. You just have to make sure that pathway is professional.

The 3 best tools at TravelStayion 

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Leo: What are the three best tools at TravelStaytion, either built or integrated into your system that makes the operation smoother for your hosts?

Jason: For us, the first tool is Know Your Guest by Superhog which streamlines the process of vetting customers and vetting bookings and securing properties

The second tool we are working to release is the digitalisation of standards and how we can integrate protocols of service and quality in a much more applicable and scalable way, so guests can have a more trusted way to book.

The third tool is how we help them to do a KYC. It helps set out what we expect from them. Property managers need to meet these standards and credibility. This, in turn, is more attractive to a nervous traveller. 

Leo: It’s making sure your network of property managers are professional. 

TravelStaytion’s industry predictions for the next 12 months

Starting at 16:10 

Leo: What do you think is around the corner for us as a sector?

Jason: I think it depends on the scope. In some markets, vacation rental property owners are facing supply saturation. The demand is not enough because there is too much supply in one location.

I think we will also see some consolidation emerging. 

In terms of OTAs, I think there will be more demand for tour operators and online travel agents to jump into vacation rentals.

Overall, I think we’re going to have a good year in terms of performance because vacation rentals will always be a good option, especially with inflation: people get more value out of it and they’re budget sensitive. 

Leo: Jason, thanks so much for your time and your insights. 

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